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Quillen College of Medicine

Quillen is unique in many ways. Every school can accurately make that same claim. Some of the assets that make Quillen most attractive to some are the small class size, the collegiality, camaraderie and team work between students faculty and staff, the location in the beautiful foothills of the Smokies, the smaller town environment, the individual attention available from faculty and staff, the smaller but modern and well equipped hospitals, the excellence of the training and the Quillen experience or the safety and serenity of the environment. The PRIDE we take in our students and graduates. Any or all of these things might make Quillen the best school for you or maybe not.
 We invite and encourage all prospective students to visit our campus, talk with our students and graduates, look around the Tri-Cities and just see how the school feels to you. Ask lots of questions. Find out the answers to the questions that are important to you and don't let anybody tell you what is important. Four years after matriculation at any school, most all students are awarded two new initials after their name (M.D.) and a new first name that goes with them for the rest of their life (Doctor). All schools teach Anatomy, Biochemistry, Surgery and Pediatrics most use many of the same text books. Thus it seems to follow that you will cover much of the same information wherever you choose. The differences come not in what you get, but in how you get it, who you get it from and who you get it with. You need to be comfortable in your medical education environment---it makes a huge difference. Find out for yourself!
The primary mission of the Quillen College of Medicine is to educate future physicians, especially those with an interest in primary care, to practice in underserved rural communities. In addition, the College is committed to excellence in biomedical research and is dedicated to the improvement of health care in Northeast Tennessee and the surrounding Appalachian Region.

The Quillen College of Medicine endeavors to meet community and regional health needs by identification, creation, and execution of the necessary programs through utilization of its diverse resources. The college is a major health care provider for East Tennessee. In view of this responsibility, the college emphasizes primary care as the focus of medical practice and training programs. The primary care physician is defined as the physician of first and continuing contact, coordinating the entire care of the patient. Primary medical care is a function rather than a discipline. This care is provided by family physicians, general internists, general pediatricians, and obstetricians/gynecologists. In addition to meeting the clinical and service responsibilities, the college also supports a significant research endeavor.

The Quillen College of Medicine has an experienced and qualified faculty in the biological, behavioral, and clinical sciences. In addition to the full-time faculty, a number of practicing physicians in the community participate in the educational process as both part-time and volunteer faculty.
East Tennessee State University’s Quillen College of Medicine is the only medical school in the Tennessee Board of Regents System and, with the College of Nursing, College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, Gatton College of Pharmacy, and College of Public Health, serves as the system’s health sciences center. In just three decades, the College has developed into one of the nation’s leading schools for rural medicine and primary care training, an honor consistently recognized by U.S. News & World Report.

    Founded in 1974 on a mission to train primary care physicians and to increase the number of doctors in rural communities, the Quillen College of Medicine, with more than 1,500 graduates, has remained true to its original mission. Thirty-five years later, Fitzhugh Mullan published his innovative “social mission” research in the Annals of Internal Medicine, demonstrating that Quillen is ranked first in the nation for primary care graduates.   Read more about the college history
Growing up in a much larger city, I felt Quillen was the perfect place for me to focus on my education without outside distractions and be introduced and sample a different culture, so I could become more familiar w/ patients' lifestyle differences that I may possibly encounter in the future.  I also like the family like atmosphere of the school itself, where the faculty is always willing to help in anyway possible. I personally have no regrets about my choice.
- Avery N.

    A family atmosphere with top nationally ranked programs designed to deal with the health care shortage in the poorest parts of the country.  Beautiful area close to most major population centers on the East Coast. Faculty who demonstrate care, not just teach students how to provide it.
- Joshua A.

    I chose Quillen because it is a school that offers me the opportunity to achieve my career goals in the setting of a supportive and friendly environment.  After being accepted to other schools, I finally decided on Quillen. To me, other medical schools did not compare to Quillen. It is not common to find a medical school that is so centered on students, education, and patient care. As applicants and interviewees, you hear the faculty and staff "talk," and as students in the medical program, the faculty and staff "walk the talk" each and every day.
- David C.

    I chose Quillen because the values that were presented when I interviewed were in line with my value system. I believe in primary care, small class sizes, and quality health care. Upon being accepted and matriculating through my first two years I've been pleased with my choice. Quillen provides a curriculum and infrastructure for medical students to gain clinical acumen and become compassionate medical providers.
- Jocelyn W.

    Medicine is not just science. It is pact with your community to provide good healthcare and develop lifelong relationships that may span generations of family. Quillen embodies these ideals and strives to develop them in every student.
- Dylan S.

    Environment is key to success! When facing a new challenge in life, with a desire to grow and succeed, it is vital to put yourself in an environment that suits you best. An environment where you are welcomed, where others believe in your abilities and cared about you as an individual. This is why I chose Quillen College of Medicine.
- Mohsen P.
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