Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market is an interstate agreement between southern states for sharing academic programs not readily available in the home state. Participating states allow residents who qualify for admission to enroll in specific programs in other states to pay at the In-State rate in the state where the program is offered. Students who are participating in another program which covers out-of-state tuition (including but not limited to, Public Performance Scholarships, Honors-in-Discipline, or Border Waiver) are not eligible.

To be considered, you must:

  • Be a resident of one of 15 participating SREB states
  • Select a program eligible for residents of your home state.
  • Complete the ETSU admission process for that desired progam.
  • Be certified as a resident of your home state by contacting your state’s ACM coordinator.

Application Process

  • Must apply to and be admitted to ETSU under a degree program that is not offered in your home state.
  • Once you have been admitted to ETSU, contact your home state ACM coordinator and provide all documentation required by your state.
  • If approved, your home state ACM coordinator will send your ACM certification directly to ETSU.
  • Once received, we will do a final review to ensure you have been admitted to the approved major/program. ETSU will then contact you via email to confirm your ACM status.

Academic Common Market Programs listing of state coordinators.

Common Market Programs

Common Market Policies

Academic Common Market - Double Majors

  • ETSU stipulates completion of the first ACM major for which a student is certified. Upon completion of the ACM major, a student who pursues a second major that is not ACM approved will have the ACM status removed. If a student plans to pursue a second ACMmajor, ETSU supports completion of this major upon receipt of a new ACM certification letter.

Academic Common Market Majors with "Pre" Status

  • ETSU allows ACM certified students to pursue academic requirements for ACM approved majors during the “Pre” status. Students must be admitted to major programs when all prerequisites have been completed, regardless of grades earned. ETSU’s ACM coordinator will confer with “Pre” program coordinators on a regular basis to verify students’ program admission status. Students who are not admitted to programs after formal admission processes are completed will be removed from ACM status until such time that program admission is achieved.

Academic Common Market Majors with "Pre" Status

  • ACM status remains in effect when a student meets the following: Student’s ACM major is formally and accurately documented at ETSU and subsequent semester reviews of registered courses are consistent with course requirements in the ACM major. ACM status is removed when one of the following occurs. Student changes major to a non-ACM major. Student has a declared ACM major but course registration reviews document pursuit of a nonACM major. Student changes from one ACM major to another ACM major without ETSU’s receipt of a new certification letter stating new ACM major

Please contact the Admissions Office at or 423-439-4213 to learn more about the Academic Common Market.