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Study Abroad

International Programs

Benefits of Studying Abroad

ETSU study abroad student groupWhy ETSU Education Abroad?
To Earn Meaningful Academic Credit:

  • Programs available to keep you on track for graduation
  • Variety of programs available with flexibile scheduling
  • Experience different styles of teaching
  • Open your mind to new ways of learning

To Enhance Personal Development:

  • Exposure to new activities and interests
  • Discover a new talent or skill
  • Create lasting relationships
  • Launch your career
  • Develop confidence, independence, and adaptability
  • Expand your leadership and communication skills

To Become More Culturally Competent:

  • Learn how other cultures interact with one another
  • Experience new and delicious foods
  • Develop knowledge on different politics, religion, and history
  • Share outside perspectives
  • Learn about your country through the eyes of others
  • Gain independence and truly learn how to embrace the unknown
  • Use new forms of transportation, travel as the locals do
  • Participate in local sports or attend national sporting events

To Explore the World:

  • Travel around your new country and visit neighboring countries
  • Explore historic monuments that will take your breath away
  • Embrace new environments
  • Seek spontanety and adventure

To Acquire or Develop a Foreign Language:

  • The opportunity to learn a new language
  • Learn to ask for directions, shop, and express your gratitude to locals
  • Programs have options for homestays with local families or shared housing with other international students
  • Advance your foreign language skills by taking courses in that language
  • Participate in conversation hours with native students


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Schedule an interest session to talk with the education abroad team and share your desire to explore the world!

We are available to help answer your questions and provide additional support throughout your study abroad experience.

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