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International Programs

Exploring Programs: Options

ETSU study abroad fair

Researching study abroad options as early as possible will allow you to choose a program that best fits your academic and personal goals, and allows you time to complete application prerequisites. With careful planning, all students can study abroad up to and including their last term at ETSU, even the summer after walking in a graduation ceremony!
Define Goals & Objectives

  • Academics - Stay on track for graduation by using study abroad courses to satisfy major, minor, and general education requirements. Your goal is to determine how many, and what type of, classes you need before you begin your program search.
  • Personal - From the length of participation to the level of engagement with the locals, personal goals are unique to every individual. Think of a place you have always wanted to visit and tie that into your educational goals.
  • Career - There are many career benefits of studying abroad. While researching programs, you can consider what skills you would like to obtain or improve upon - whether that is learning or language or interning abroad.
  • Eligibility - Review the minimum eligibility for each program as you explore, including minimum GPA, class standing, language and/or course prerequisites, and eligibility for a student visa in the host country. Some eligibility requirements must be met at the time of application (typically GPA), while others can be met by the time of participation (typically class standing and language/course prerequisites).
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