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Information Technology Services

East Tennessee State University

Calendar of Events Policy


Calendar of Events 

an Information Technology Services Policy


The ETSU online calendar system provides an important, front-line method to announce and publicize events that are open to both large and small segments of the campus community and the general public, including special lectures, concerts, plays, exhibits, sporting events, organizational meetings and events, and more. This is the official university calendar of events, and all campus units are to enter events on this calendar regardless of whether they maintain separate calendars on their departmental/office websites.

    1. Introduction

This policy outlines the purpose of the ETSU online calendar system, identifies responsibilities of authorized users of the system, recommends methods for monitoring the system, and reviews the procedure for managing passwords.

    1. Administration

The online calendar system is administered and maintained by Information Technology Services, under the guidance of the ETSU Information Technology Council (ITC) and in consultation with the Office of University Relations. Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for the technical aspects of the calendar, including system maintenance, software issues, and user account/password administration. The Office of University Relations, as the official public liaison point of contact for ETSU, works with ITS and authorized users on questions of calendar content, organization and style.

    1. Locations in the Calendar

Event locations in the calendar system are entered by Academic Technology Support (ATS), a department within Information Services. Many locations have already been entered, and can be selected via a drop down box when an event is entered. If you do not see the location (building or room) you need for an event, please notify ATS (439-8249, 439-8611 or so that it can be added.

    1. Authorized Users and Passwords

Information on campus events will be entered into the system by authorized users representing the university's colleges, schools, and major academic units, as well as some individual departments and campus units that sponsor a great number of events. Each authorized user will receive an account name and password and receive training to enter calendar items into the system.

For system security purposes, it is strongly recommended that only authorized users enter information into the calendar. Under no circumstances are students graduate or undergraduate to be given password access to this system.

It is critical that authorized users protect the security of their passwords. Misuse of the calendar system could lead to significant embarrassment and have a potentially negative impact on the university.

Passwords should be changed annually, when an employee leaves the university, or whenever an authorized user believes security may be compromised. Authorized users may call ATS at 439-8249 or 439-8611 to have their passwords reset.

Please note that authorized users should notify ATS at 439-8249 or 439-8611 when they leave the university (through retirement or new employment elsewhere) or transfer to another department, so that arrangements may be made to assign and train a new authorized user for their unit.

    1. Appropriate Use

Only campus departments and units that sponsor events may post to the online calendar system. Among those items that are not appropriate for posting on this calendar are classes and non-university related items. Events that a department may closely support, but not actually sponsor, are also inappropriate for this calendar. These include theatrical events in the surrounding area or neighboring colleges, community arts events, area festivals, church events, civic club events, etc.

    1. Monitoring the System

Authorized users are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the calendar system. Among these responsibilities are:

      • Ensuring both the credibility and accuracy of calendar events
      • Reviewing entries regularly to identify duplications, errors, omissions, date conflicts, or event descriptions that are inaccurate or unclear
      • Correcting errors and appropriately cancelling events for which they and their departments are responsible
      • Contacting departments that have posted duplicate entries*, errors or omissions to discuss and correct the problems

*Duplicate Entries: Some events may have multiple sponsors, which could result in inadvertent duplicate entries. To reduce such duplicates, please remember in the planning of multiple-sponsor events to designate one sponsor to enter the calendar item.

    1. Event Submission Process

Authorized users are primarily responsible for educating the faculty and staff in their units on the process for submitting events for inclusion on the calendar.

An event sponsor is to supply the appropriate authorized user with complete information, or as much information as possible, for entry on the calendar. Basic information needed includes:

      • Event title
      • Date
      • Time
      • Location
      • Cost (if any)
      • Name of Sponsoring Department/Organization (spell out)
      • Brief description of event (may include lecture title, name of performer/speaker, short elaboration on content, registration details, indication of whether it is held in conjunction with a larger event, etc.)
      • Background of speaker/performer (if any)
      • Contact persons name, title, department/office, phone number and e-mail address

An Online Calendar Event Information Form is available to guide event sponsors in providing the required information. To access this form, click the Add Event to Calendar link at the bottom right hand corner of the Calendar page.

Please note that calendar entries should be completed as early as possible in the event planning process (at least two months in advance is highly recommended). This helps to ensure that

      • Other campus event sponsors may possibly avoid scheduling a conflicting event on the same date, and
      • More interested individuals have access to the information early enough to plan to attend.

An organization may be in the process of planning an event and have a date selected five months ahead of time, but perhaps the time, location or cost have not been determined; this organization is encouraged to provide all available information to the authorized user, who may specify the time, location and cost as TBA at that time, and update the entry later once those additional details have been established.

    1. Contact

For password and location requests/changes and technical concerns related to the calendar system and data entry, contact Sherry Martinez in ATS at 439-8249 or

For questions regarding appropriate use, content, or style, contact Jennifer Hill in the Office of University Relations at 439-5693 or .

Approved by: Information Technology Council
Reviewed: March 2017
Active Since: January 2009
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