Graduate Council – Minutes

East Tennessee State University

November 24, 2008 1:15pm

President’s Conference Room – Dossett Hall 206


Present: Dr. Judith R. Anderson, Ms. Amy Arnold, Dr. Stacy D. Brown, Ms. Queen Brown, Dr. Scott W. Champney, Dr. Wallace E. Dixon, Dr. F. Wayne Gillespie, Dr. Donald B. Hoover, Ms Jessica King, Dr. Martha M. Pointer, Dr. Phillip R. Scheuerman, Dr. Marie Tedesco, Dr. Paul Trogen, Dr. Ester Verhovsek, Dr. Jon Webb


Absent: Dr. David A. Arnall (excused), Ms. Maria D. Costa, Dr. Jasmine Renner, Ms. Jenny Reed, Ms. LaDonna Hutchins, Ms. Billie Lancaster, Ms. Mary Ellen Musick, Dr. Cecilia McIntosh


Approval of October minutes - The minutes were approved with one correction regarding the IRB approval process. Dr. Dixon’s name will be removed as the person who recommended and the Graduate Council members added. I do not understand this comment


I. New Course Proposal – BLUE 5257, Band Leadership Skills- The proposal was tabled by the subcommittee due to non-representation.

The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:

A. Remove the word “number” from the Rationale for Proposal.

B. Remove the words “six hours” from the Rationale for Proposal.

C. Add the words “who have Graduate Faculty status” to the Staffing information.

D. Correct the spelling of “original” in the Grade Assignment section.

E. Change the Prerequisites section to state “Permission of Instructor.”

F. Add concentration students to the section Rationale for Proposal.


Action Taken by council: approved with recommended changes

This proposal is to revise the program so that more didactic course work is taken before the clinical experience and before students sit for the licensure examination. This seeks to improve graduation rate and rate of passing on the exam. It also reinstates the requirement for submission of GRE general test scores as part of the application materials. Thee subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:

A, In the Purpose section (page 2) include the four items of admission standards, improving pass rates on the RD exam, increasing the graduation rate, and increasing the knowledge base of students in the program.

B. In the Purpose section, change the period before (b) to a semicolon.

C. In the Purpose section, insert the word “is” between “proposal” and “to.”

D. In the Need section, change the wording to “Convention is that” from “It is felt that.”

E. Add a sentence at the end of the Need section that states that the profession is moving towards requiring a master’s degree. Also include a sentence indicating the percentage of professionals with higher degrees.

F. Change the first paragraph of the Proposed Catalog to indicate that students who do both a thesis and an internship will be required to take 46 hours.

G. Move the paragraph on Internship Experience from page 7 to the middle of page 8.

H. Under the electives section, include wording similar to the following:

“ Directed elective courses will be determined by the Graduate Advisory Committee that is responsible for overseeing the student’s overall academic program, including the program of study. Courses applicable to this program exist at East Tennessee State University in the Colleges of Public Health, Allied Health, Medicine, Nursing, Arts and Sciences, and Business and Technology.”

I. Add the 46 hour option to the Totals on page 8.

J. Re-word the “unacceptable low” on page 9, paragraph (1) to “lower than the standard set by the accrediting body.

K. Add “N/A” at the end of page 9.


Action Taken by council: approved with recommended changes

This course offers three elements to the graduate program in Clinical Nutrition. There will be 1) discussion and research on the components of nutrition programs at each level of government; 2) practicum experience in many of the nutrition programs at the local and regional levels; 3) a research project that will provide the needed experience in assessment, planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of a nutrition program for a local entity. The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:

A. Change the Credit Hours (fixed and minimum) to 4, and change Credit Hours (maximum) to N/A.

B. In the Practicum Experience section of Major Assignments, include the number of days and number of hours required.


Action Taken by council: approved with recommended changes

The course will cover issues pertinent to the dietetics student who is entering a dietetic internship experience. This information is vital for the student to understand functions and expectations of the dietetics professional prior to graduation. The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:

A. Explain the Class participation section of the Grade Assignment in the Major Assignments section.

B. Check the web sites listed in the Bibliography section. Some are not functioning.


Action Taken by council: approved with recommended changes

The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:


Action Taken by council: approved with recommended changes

The subcommittee recommends approval.


Action Taken by council: approved with recommended changes



Graduate Faculty Subcommittee report and recommendations – Dr. Tedesco


The Graduate Faculty Subcommittee recommends the following appointments and re-appointments.


New Applications


Applicant Department Recommendation


1. Bounds, Toni Herring Biostats&Epidem. Associate

2. Liu, Xuefeng Biostats&Epidem Associate

3. Martin, Kathy L. Adult Nursing returned*

4. Nandi, Arpita Geosciences Associate

5. Vasiliev, Aleksy CHEM Full

6. Wang, Kesheng Biostats&Epidem. Associate

7. Yao, Zhi Q. Internal Medicine Full


Action taken by council: Approved




Applicant Department Current Recommendation


1. Anthony, Murray ACCT Associate Full

2. Daniels, Harold Lee CUAI Associate Full

3. Dula, Chris PSCY Associate Full

4. Gardner, Robert MATH Full Full

5. Haley, Daryl ENGL Associate Associate

6. Mitchell, Clifton HDAL Full Full

7. Price, Kellie CSCI Interim Interim

8. Roach, Jeffrey CSCI Interim Interim

9. Tarnoff, David CSCI Interim Interim


*Returned to department for additional information


Action taken by council: Approved


Old Business:


1. Dr. Tedesco will work to schedule a meeting of the Graduate Faculty Status Task Force subcommittee next week to review current the levels of graduate faculty appointments. A report will be prepared and presented to the council at as soon as possible, hopefully by the January Graduate Council meeting.


2. The Graduate Council members discussed the various aspects of the graduate faculty approval processes concerning designation of the terminal degree for a discipline. If a question about a terminal degree arises, the graduate faculty subcommittee will ask the department chair for guidance in making a decision.

Action taken by council: Approved


3. There was discussion about the composition of the ETSU campus IRB committee and whether or not there is a requirement for graduate faculty representation, especially since graduate research is a significant activity. A request will be made to Dr. McIntosh to find out the current representation of the campus IRB and report to the council. Further discussion was tabled for the next meeting.


New Business:


1. Dr. Wayne Gillespie briefly discussed the concept of developing a service related award for graduate students. He is benchmarking to obtain more information and will lead further discussion at the next meeting.




There was no further business to discuss; therefore, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.