Graduate Council – Minutes

East Tennessee State University

June 25, 2012 1:15pm

President’s Conference Room – Dossett Hall 206


Present:  Dr. Karin Bartoszuk, Dr. Jeffrey P. Beck, Ms. Queen H. E. Brown,

Dr. Stacy D. Brown, Dr. Scott W. Champney, Dr. William R. Duncan, Dr. Emmett M. Essin,

Dr. Eric S. Glover, Dr. Donald B. Hoover, Dr. Cecilia A. McIntosh, Dr. Kathleen M. Rayman, Dr. Marie Tedesco, Dr. Ester L. Verhovsek, Mr. Logan Vess


Absent:  Dr. David A. Arnall, Dr. Russell Brown, Dr. Ranjan N. Chakraborty,

Ms. Maria D. Costa, Dr. Marsh Grube, Ms. LaDonna Hutchins, Dr. Marie Jones, Dr. Jeff R. Knisley,  Ms. Billie Lancaster, Dr. Martha M. Pointer, Dr. Lori Marks, Ms. Colleen Scott


Guest:  Dr. Marian Young


Approval of April 2012 Minutes:


The April 30, 2012 minutes were approved without corrections.


Curriculum Subcommittee report – Dr. Eric Glover gave the curriculum report in Dr. Pointer’s absence.


Each of the proposals below was considered using the following characteristics as an element of the appropriateness of the proposal:

Appropriate credit hour assignment

Appropriate discipline-specific best practices

Appropriate purpose and goals of the proposal

Appropriate intellectual/learning outcomes

Appropriate content and topics

Appropriate major assignments

Appropriate class level

Appropriate course type

Appropriate course delivery method

Conflict with other courses or programs

Articulation and transferability of credit to other institutions


Substantial Course Modifications – SURV 5517, Photogrammetry


This proposal is part of the undergraduate curriculum revision in the Surveying program.  The graduate-level offering of this course will be deleted, and the undergraduate offering of the course will be changed to SURV 3570.


The subcommittee recommends approval.


Action taken by council:  approved


Substantial Course Modification – SURV 4617/5617, Digital Imagery Processing


            This proposal is part of the undergraduate curriculum revision of the Surveying program.


The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:

A.        Correct the spelling of “Imagery” in the Course Title.

B.        In the Rationale for Proposal, change “allows” to “allow.”

C.        In the Proposed Catalog Description, include the Prerequisites of MATH 19209, SURV 3560, or permission of instructor.


Action taken by council:  approved with recommended changes




Substantial Course Modification – SURV 4567/5567, Positioning with GPS


This proposal is part of the undergraduate curriculum revision of the Surveying program.


The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:

A.        In the Proposed Catalog Description, insert the Prerequisites of SURV 3560 or permission of instructor.

B.        In the Learning Outcomes, change the word “form” to “from.”

C.        In the Quizzes section, remove the hanging underline from the end of the sentence.


Action taken by council:  approved with recommended changes


Revision of the M.Ed. in Secondary Education


The subcommittee recommended changes and will review edited proposal at its August meeting for consideration by the Graduate Council in August.


Graduate Faculty Subcommittee report and recommendations – Dr. Tedesco. 


New Applications:


            Applicant                               Department                            Recommendation


1.      Kelly, Edward                             Office of Univ. Counsel         Affiliate

2.      Noland, Brian                               Office of President                 Member

3.      Perdue, Troy                                 Office of Univ. Counsel         Affiliate

4.      Sayers, Adam                                Athletics.                                 Return*

5.      Stevenson, Taylor                         Econ. & Finance                     Member


*Lacked applicant’s vita; dean’s signature, and recommendation by grad coordinator.




  Applicant                                        Department                            Present Status                        Recommendation


1.      Barton, Alison                               HDAL                                     Associate                                 Member

2.      Davenport, Mary                           Physical Therapy                     Not given (NG)                       Member

3.      Dotterweich, Andy                       KLSS                                      NG                                          Member

4.      Duncan, Joyce                               HDAL                                     Temp.                                      Affiliate

5.      Dwyer, Edward                            CUAI                                      Full                                          Member

6.      Fitzgerald, Marty                          Engr. Tech.                              Interim                                    Affiliate

7.      Foster, Levy                                  BIOL                                      Full                                          Senior

8.      Glasscock, Catherine                    ELPA                                      NG                                          Member

9.      Gloeckler, Phyllis              HDAL                                     NG                                          Member

10.  Gregory, Richard                          Econ. & Finance                     Assoc.                                     Member

11.  Gunter, Charles                             Geosciences                            Interim                                    Affiliate

12.  Harley-McClaskey, Deborah        HDAL                                     NG                                          Member

13.  Hemphill, William             Engr. Tech.                              NG                                          Return**

14.  Hurwitz, Rhona                            CUAI                                      NG                                          Member

15.  Langenbrunner, Mary                   HDAL                                     NG                                          Member

16.  Levy, Foster                                  BIOL.                                     Full                                          Senior

17.  Lhotsky, Gary                               KLSS                                      NG                                          Member

18.  Mozen, Diane                                KLSS                                      Associate                                 Member

19.  Pfeiffer, Phillip                             CSCI                                       Full                                          Member

20.  Rice, Judy                                     Nursing                                   Interim                                    Affiliate

21.  Stewart-Glenn, Jennifer                Nursing                                   Interim                                    Affiliate

22.  Stidham, April                              Nursing                                   Interim                                    Affiliate

23.  Vanhook, Patricia                         Nursing                                   Assoc.                                     Member

24.  Wallace, Christopher                     CSCI                                       Interim                                    Member          

**Lacked explanation regarding why lack of terminal degree appropriate.


Old Business:


Dr. McIntosh presented the status of the Boot Camp.  The Boot Camp will be operated by the Office of Professional Development under Ms. Darla Dye.  A boot camp team made up of graduate council and other graduate faculty members have created a schedule that includes optional workshops.  Emails have been sent to all graduate students, deans, and graduate coordinators.  To date, five persons have registered for the boot camp.  The registration is handled by Professional Development and the cost is $125 that includes snacks and Saturday lunches. Writing tutors are available for an extra charge of $15 per hour and will begin in session II (coordinated by Dr. Rob Russell).  Participants will have opportunity to have some writing reviewed by Dr. John Taylor and will be required to have developed a timeline for completion as part of the workshop activities.  

Ms. Emily Redd (Graduate School editorial assistant) will monitor the workshop D2L site.


The optional mini workshops will be “on topics such as: Milestones and Speed Bumps; Thesis and Dissertation Style Guides; Review of Writing Mechanics;  The Review and Editing Process; Organizing Literature for Review; PLUS actual review by and feedback from expert thesis/dissertation reader!” 

New Business:

Dr. Bartoszuk reported on the status of applications for Thesis/Dissertation Scholarships.  The deadline has been set for July 1, 2012.  The volunteers for chairs will be Dr. Marie Tedesco for Arts/Humanities, Dr. David Arnall for Health Sciences, Dr. Marie Jones and Dr. Bartoszuk for the Social Sciences.  Dr. Bartoszuk requested the council member spread the word to their deans, coordinators, and students.   A formal announcement will be emailed and posted to the Graduate Studies website.

Dr. Beck reported on the ELS (English Language as a Second Language) and application for admission status.  The ELS program has been continually growing with an average of three or four new students per week.  There is mixture of students from various regions of the world such as China, India, Korea, and Sandi Arabia. Also, ETSU is benefitting from the worldwide promotion for the ELS program through the ELS network and publications.  Over 20 applications for graduate study have been submitted from ELS students since March.



Dr. Bartoszuk and Dr. Beck are collaborating to bring a GRE preparation program to ETSU.  The GRE program will be a course on campus and will be handled by Professional Development under Ms. Darla Dye with Dr. Paul Price providing the room.  The announcement will be sent in July for GRE program offered in October and April.  This will be an all-day course that includes verbal, quantitative, and writing with three practice tests and lunch.  The service/program is offered to both undergraduates and graduates students.  The GRE preparation program will be able to offer assistance to approximately forty students per session.



There was no further business to conduct.  Therefore, the meeting was adjourned at 1:55 p.m.