Graduate Council – Minutes

East Tennessee State University

January 28, 2013 1:15pm

President’s Conference Room – Dossett Hall 206


Present:  Dr. Karin Bartoszuk, Dr. Jeffrey P. Beck, Dr. Russell Brown, Ms. Queen Brown,

Dr. Stacy Dr. Brown, Dr. Scott W. Champney, Dr. William R. Duncan, Dr. Emmett M. Essin,

Dr. Eric S. Glover, Dr. Marsh M. Grube, Dr. Donald B. Hoover, Dr. Marie Jones,

Ms. Billie Lancaster,  Dr. Lori Marks, Dr. Cecilia A. McIntosh, Dr. Robbie Pack,

Dr. Martha M. Pointer, Dr. Kathleen M. Rayman, Dr. Marie Tedesco, Dr. Ester L. Verhovsek,

Dr. Florence M. Weierbach


Absent:  Ms. Maria D. Costa, Dr. Jeff R. Knisley, Ms. Colleen Scott, Ms. LaDonna Hutchins


Guests:  Dr. Carrie M. Oliveira, Dr. Shimin Zheng, Dr. Mary A. Littleton


Approval of November 2012 Minutes:


The November 26, 2012 minutes were approved with minor corrections.


Curriculum Subcommittee report – Dr. Martha Pointer:


Each of the proposals below was considered using the following characteristics as an element of the appropriateness of the proposal:

Appropriate credit hour assignment

Appropriate discipline-specific best practices

Appropriate purpose and goals of the proposal

Appropriate intellectual/learning outcomes

Appropriate content and topics

Appropriate major assignments

Appropriate class level

Appropriate course type

Appropriate course delivery method

Conflict with other courses or programs

Articulation and transferability of credit to other institutions



Non-Substantive Curriculum Change – Master of Arts in Professional Communication: 

The proposal requests a change in the Graduate Catalog degree requirements to clarify the course courses available for students seeking an emphasis in Mass Communication.


            The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:

A.   Insert the word “graduate” before the word “degree” in the second sentence of the Rationale For Proposal.

B.   Include wording appropriate for other areas of emphases to clarify what is available and recommended for students.


Action taken by council:  approved with recommendations






New Course Proposal – BSTA 5370, Categorical Data Analysis:

This course covers the analysis methods for categorical data, a topic not covered in other courses in the College of Public Health or elsewhere on campus.


            The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:

            A.        Removing the word primary from the first sentence of the Purpose and Goals section of the Syllabus.”

            B.        Remove the second, third, and fourth sentences and rewording the information in the last two sentences of the Purpose and Goals section in such a way that they are presented as goals in a bulleted format.

            C.        Remove “Introduction” from the Major Course Topics.

            D.        Remove “be able” from the fourth bullet in the Learning Outcomes.

            E.        Reword the first paragraph of the Major Assignments section to read something like the following:

In order to do well in this class, to learn the professional competencies, and to be able to accomplish the learning outcomes, students should pay attention to the course assignments and keep up-to-date with reading and course activities. There will be 10% deduction for late assignments, quizzes, and examinations. Assignments more than one week late will not be accepted. Cheating is not allowed and will be disciplined according to ETSU policies.

F.         In the Other Information section, add the following academic misconduct statement:

ETSU is committed to developing the intellect and moral character of its students. To that end, all instances of plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic misconduct shall be punished in accord with Tennessee Board of Regents Policy. Any knowledge of conduct of this nature should be reported to the proper authorities. Not reporting instances of academic misconduct represents a fundamental break with honor code policy, and although this offense is not punishable, reflects a callous disregard for yourself, your classmates, and your professors. Penalties for academic misconduct will vary with the seriousness of the offense and may include, but are not limited to: a grade of F on the work in question, a grade of F for the course, reprimand, probation, suspension, and expulsion. For a second academic misconduct offense, the penalty is permanent expulsion. (ETSU Syllabus Attachment.)

Action taken by council:  approved with recommendations


Site-based and Electronic Delivery – Master of Public Health with a Concentration in Community Health:

This curriculum change proposes moving the existing on-ground program to an on-line program that would be delivered 100% electronically. Students can also still pursue the degree by on-ground delivery.


The subcommittee recommends approval with the following change:

A.        Remove the word “in” from the last bulleted item in the Purpose section of the TBR form (page 2).


Action taken by council:  approved with recommendations



Graduate Faculty Subcommittee report and recommendations – Dr. Tedesco. 


New Appointments

            Applicant                                           Dept.                                       Recommendations


1.    Dubey, Brayesh                               ENVH                                     Affiliate

2.    Ervin, Karen                                      HSMT                                     Affiliate

3.    Fisher, Stacy                                     CUAI                                      Member

4.    Masino, Anthony                             ACCT                                     Affiliate

5.    O’Brien, Andrea                               HIST                                       Affiliate

6.    Speer, Lisa                                        ELPA                                    Affiliate


Action taken by council:  approved


            Applicant                              Dept.                          Present Status        Recommendations


1.    Allen, Michael P.                  PHIL                           Assoc.                        Member

2.    Arnall, David                         PHYT                         Full                             Senior           

3.    Boggs, Theresa                    ASLP                          Affiliate                      Affiliate

4.    Burgess, William D.             HIST                           Associate                   Member

5.    Davis, Thomas Jason         KSRM                                                                        Affiliate

6.    Florence, Joseph A.            Fam Med                   Temporary                 Member

7.    Govertt, Aimee                      CUAI                          Associate                   Member

8.    Guntupalli, Vijaya                ASLP                          Full                             Member

9.    Hall, Ken                               Lit. & Lang                 Associate                   Member

10. Hayes, Patricia                     Nursing                      Associate                   Senior

11. Johnson, Donald                 Lit. & Lang                 Full                             Senior

12. Johnson, Keith                     ETSD                         Associate                   Senior

13. Maier, Kurt                             ENVH                         Full                             Senior

14. Malkus, Amy                         Tch & Learn              Associate                   Senior

15. Marks, Lori                             Tch & Learn              Full                             Senior

16. Marrs, Jo-Ann S.                  Nursing                      Full                             Member

17. Nandi, Arpita                         Geosci                        Associate                   Member

18. Rayman, Kathleen              Nursing                      Associate                   Senior

19. Robertson, Joe L.                 BIOL                           Associate                  Member

20. Scarborough, Jana              Coun Hum Serv.      Full                             Member

21. Schrift, Melissa                     SOAA                          Full                            Member

22. Sherlin, Erin                         Teach. & Learn         Interim                        Affiliate

23. Sims, Paul                             ETSD                         Associate                   Senior

24. Tan, Zhibin                           ETSD                         Temporary                 Member

25. Watson, Alma L.                   Tch & Learn              Associate                   Affiliate*

26. Weiss, Katherine                 Lit. & Lang.                Full                             Senior

27. Williams, Duane                  PHYT                         Associate                   Member


*Applicant now is adjunct faculty member.


Action taken by council:  approved.


Old Business:


Dr. Beck gave an update on Graduate Faculty Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Mentoring.  The email has been sent to both faculty and staff to solicit nominees for the award.  Ms. Megan Miller, Executive Aid for Graduate Studies, will receive nominations and documentation.  The recipients of first award will be announced at the Annual Graduate Studies Award ceremony scheduled for April 24, 2013.  Also, the recipient of the ETSU award will be nominated by the School of Graduate Studies for the Conference of Southern Graduate School Outstanding Mentor Award.  Dr. Beck emphasized the importance of meeting and addressing requirements for eligibility and the completion of all parts of the application before submitting for review.  The review process will begin in March.


Dr. Champney suggested Dr. McIntosh give a summary of Dr. Noland’s visit to Graduate Studies.  The first day was on November 20 with Dr. Brian Noland, Dr. Wilsie Bishop, Dr. Bert Bach, and Dr. Jane Jones.  The second day was rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances and was completed on January 17.  A briefing document was composed along with inviting various departments, faculty, staff and students linked with the School of Graduate Studies.  Some of those groups were representatives from Graduate Council, GPSA, Graduate School deans, Graduate Coordinators, Graduate School staff, and graduate students.  Dr. Noland was impressed with all the components of what the School of Graduate Studies does and what has been accomplished.  He asked many questions, including those related to initiatives that the School of Graduate Studies put in place that contributed to the 7% enrollment growth observed in fall 2012.  Dr. McIntosh has a vision of changes and has implemented several; however, more can be set in motion to meet the demands and needs.  Dr. McIntosh offered access to the briefing document and shared that much of it was captured in the School of Graduate Studies PIE document in Tracdat.  Dr. Noland and company were given good feedback from the individuals/groups and stated that they were impressed with the growth, ideas, and vision for the future.


  New Business:


Dr. Bartoszuk briefed the council regarding the spring award process.  The emails soliciting applications or nominations for the Service for the Public Good, Excellence in Teaching, and Outstanding Thesis, Dissertation and Capstone Awards have been sent to graduate students, graduate coordinators and all faculty.  Dr. Bartoszuk is working on formation of the review committees.


Dr. Bartoszuk distributed the current Illuminated magazine for fall 2012 to the council members.  Dr. Bartoszuk stated that if anyone knew of articles, events, and research that would like to be featured in the magazine to let her know.  Also, alumni can be features in the magazine of what are they doing now and other things of interest.


Dr. Beck reported on the GRE workshop held in January. Approximately 40 students registered for the one day workshop and there was a long waiting list.  He also announced that, due to this demand, another workshop will be held Saturday, February 23. The workshop is growing in popularity and plans to initiate a GMAT workshop are in progress for next year.  The cost is $55 which includes coffee, a continental breakfast, and lunch, five hours of instruction, three half-hour practice tests, and scores with feedback.  


Dr. Bartoszuk reported on the six Thesis and Dissertation Scholarships that were awarded for fall 2012.  Four of the six students have graduated and two will graduate spring 2013.  Additionally, nine graduate scholarships have been awarded this spring term. 


Dr. Marie Jones and Dr. Cecilia McIntosh gave an update on the progress of the Boot Camp.  Due to the weather, the Boot Camp did not meet on January 25 and 26.  Therefore, the first session will be February 8-9, 3012.  There are wide ranges of disciplines represented by the 27 registrants.




Dr. Russell Brown commented on concerns with student access to library services such as interlibrary loan during winter breaks, summers, etc. This is counterproductive to the students who are composing their thesis or dissertation and the library access is required for their research.  Dr. Marie Jones stated the Banner system is one of the reasons as it cuts off student access during those times. Also, the inability to log into the system from off-campus is an issue for students. Several suggestions were discussed and Dr. Jones stated she would explore possible options to alleviate the problem.


Dr. McIntosh gave an update on the online letter of recommendation system.  This is getting heavy use and, with just a very few glitches, users are quite happy with it.  She also stated that ETC is progressing with the compiling the specifications for development of the online system for submitting Graduate Faculty appointment/reappointment forms. 


Dr. McIntosh presented an update on fund-raising for the Add-on Fellowship program.  Additional donations are needed if this program is to continue.  She asked Graduate Council Members to go back to their colleges and share this need.  If eight persons donated $10 a month on the payroll deduction system, this would fund a scholarship! It would be beneficial to graduate program recruitment to be able to offer more scholarships each year.  Presently, only two add-on fellowship offers are offered each year. 




There was no further business to discuss; therefore, the meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.