Graduate Council – Minutes

East Tennessee State University

June 10, 2013 1:15pm

President’s Conference Room – Dossett Hall 206


Present:  Dr. Karin Bartoszuk, Dr. Stacy D. Brown, Dr. Scott W. Champney, Dr. William R. Duncan, Dr. Emmett M. Essin, Dr. Eric S. Glover, Dr. Marsh Grube, Dr. Brian Maxson, Dr. Martha M. Pointer, Dr. Marie Tedesco, Dr. Florence M. Weierbach


Absent:  Dr. Russell Brown, Ms. Maria D. Costa, Dr. Donald B. Hoover, Ms. LaDonna Hutchins, Dr. Marie Jones, Ms. Billie Lancaster, Dr. Jeff R. Knisley, Ms. Billie Lancaster, Dr. Lori Marks, Dr. Cecilia A. McIntosh, Dr. Robbie Pack, Ms. Laura Pepper-Weiler, Dr. Kathleen M. Rayman, Ms. Colleen Scott, Dr. Ester L. Verhovsek


Approval of April 2013 Minutes:


The April 29, 2013 minutes were approved with no corrections.


 Introduction of new Assistant Dean, Dr. Brian Maxson:


Dr. Bartoszuk introduced Dr. Brian Maxson as the new assistant dean of Graduate Studies.  Dr. Maxson is from the History department and has been the assistant dean for approximately four weeks.  Dr. Maxson replaces Dr. Jeffrey Beck and the job function duties are to be determined.  The council member graciously welcomed Dr. Maxson to the meeting.


Curriculum Subcommittee report – Dr. Martha Pointer:


Each of the proposals below was considered using the following characteristics as an element of the appropriateness of the proposal:

Appropriate credit hour assignment

Appropriate discipline-specific best practices

Appropriate purpose and goals of the proposal

Appropriate intellectual/learning outcomes

Appropriate content and topics

Appropriate major assignments

Appropriate class level

Appropriate course type

Appropriate course delivery method

Conflict with other courses or programs

Articulation and transferability of credit to other institutions


I.              New Course Proposal – ARTA 4/5147, Painting Techniques of the Old Masters


This course is designed to teach students the oil paint techniques of the Old Masters.

            The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:


            A.         The transcript title is limited to 24 spaces.  A modification might be “Techniques of Old Master.”

            B.         In listing the faculty who have the credentials to teach the course, include the Graduate Faculty rank.

            C.        In the Grading Scale, use “Below 70” for the graduate grade of “F.”  Also, use “Below 60” for the undergraduate grade of “F.”

            D.        In the Attendance Policy, the first bulleted item and in the second bulleted item, “case-by-case” is hyphenated.

E.         In the Other Information Section, you may want to reference the ETSU Honor Code.

F.         In the Prerequisites, add “or equivalent.”

G.        In the Catalog Description, add the sentence “Repeatable for credit.”


Action taken by council:  approved with recommendations



II.            Substantive Change to an Existing Program – Master of Arts in Reading


This curriculum proposal (1) proposes to change the courses required for the MA in Reading, Concentration in Reading Education in order to meet accreditation standards, (2) revise the admission requirements for entry into the program, and (3) change the culminating experience to a common written comprehensive exam. 


The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:


            A.         In the Narrative Description of Action list the three changes you are making to the program.  Throughout the document address each of the three changes.  For example, the Needs section, the Impact section, etc. should each have three parts.

            B.         Change the reference from the Master of Arts in Reading Education to the Master of Arts in Reading with a Concentration in Reading Education or is it the Master of Arts in Reading Education.

            C.        In the Objectives of the Proposal, do items 2 through 8 need to be included?  Are these new objectives?

            D.        In the Need section, “coach” should be “coaches.”  “Classroom-based” is hyphenated. There is an extra “a” between “have” and “experiences.”  The wording of the next-to-the-last sentence is unclear.  The “course catalog” should be the “Graduate Catalog.”  The indicated weakness of the program is not specified,

            E.         In the Plans for Accreditation, “but also” should be “and.” The paperwork for accreditation should be in the past tense.

            F.         In the Type of Program Change, the numbers in the hours required do not add up correctly.  Please clarify.

            G.        The information in the Academic Program Inventory should be the same on both sides of the box.

            H.        The Intended Implementation date needs to be changed.

            I.          In Appendix A, spell out the IRA and SPA designations.

            J.         In Appendix B, add the missing parenthesis on both sides of the third section.  Be sure to change the title of the appendix.

            K.         In the Impact section, indicate how the three years of teaching experience will be verified.

            L.         In Appendix C, change the title of the appendix, remove the first section (the part above the bold area), change the degree name, and have five specific admission criteria.  The five criteria would be 1, as written; 2 delete what is written and put in the oral or written interview; 3 the letters of recommendation; a current resume; and 5 a copy of the current teaching license.


Action taken by council:  Tabled until the next council meeting



A.         Graduate Faculty Subcommittee report and recommendations – Dr. Tedesco:


Graduate Faculty Subcommittee Report

May-June  2013

New Appointments


            Applicant                               Dept.                                       Recommendation


1.    Dickson, Louise                            ELPA                                                   Temporary

2.    Lewis, Christopher                        MATH                                                 Member






Applicant                               Dept.                           Present Status          Recommendation


1.    Donaldson, James                        BIOL                            Temporary                  Affiliate

2.    Duncan, William                None*                          Affiliate                        Member         

3.    Harrington, Karen             Lit. & Language           Interim                         Affiliate

4.    Henson, Gary                   Physics & Astron.       Associate                    Member

5.    Kornweibel, Karen            Lit. & Language           Associate                    Affiliate**                    

6.    Lee, Sally                          COUN***                    Temporary                  Affiliate

7.    Stone, Margaret               PEXS                          Temporary                  Affiliate

8.    Young, Marian                  ENTC                          Temporary                  Affiliate


Action taken by council:  approved with exception- Dr. Kornweibel’ application returned to department for further review


Old Business:


                     The council extensively discussed the three draft resolution submitted by Dr. Phil Pfeiffer, Dr. Tedesco, and Dr. McIntosh. A motion was made by Dr. Tedesco to accept option B and second by Dr. Pointer.  The draft letter of option B explains in great detail to dire necessary to increase the graduate assistantship stipend to offset the added $250 fee for the return of the ETSU football.  Additional, Dr. Champney stated Dr. McIntosh to place the letter on letterhead, for distribution to the council members to sign or not by electronic means.  Afterward, the letter should be submitted to Dr. Noland for his consideration.  Furthermore, after Dr. Noland considers the council recommendation, he should be invited to the council meeting to discuss the increase in graduate assistantship stipends. 






New Business:


Dr. Champney suggested the selection of graduate council chair, curriculum subcommittee chair/co-chair, and faculty subcommittee chair/co D chair for 2013-14 are tabled until more council members were present.


Dr. Bartoszuk updated the council on the development of the electronic system for graduate faculty applications submission.  A meeting is scheduled with Emerging Technology System (ETC) and the deans either Friday or Monday of this week to discuss the progress.  The results will be presented at the September council meeting.  In the meantime, the ETC is in the testing mode and is progressing accordingly.


In Dr. Jones absent, Dr. Bartoszuk stated the boot camp was now in session.  Furthermore, fifteen students have been admitted to the boot camp.  This prompted a question regarding if there was a limited number of times a graduate student could sign up for the boot camp.  Dr. Bartoszuk answered it is unlimited.




First, the new graduate student orientation will be on Monday, August 19, 2013 at the D. P. Culp Center auditorium with a reception to afterwards.  The orientation will begin at 3:30 pm until 6:00 pm and the reception will begin at 6:00 pm. 


Second, Ms. Rebecca Loyd is the Online Graduate Student Liaison that online and distance learning graduate students can contact for information of online programs, any online problems, and completion of online applications.


Third, the annual graduate coordinator meeting will be Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at the Valley-brook facility with registration beginning at 8:00 am and a continental breakfast provided.  Afterwards, the meeting will begin at 8:15 am until 1:00 pm followed by a working lunch.  Another meeting will be from 1:00 pm until 2:00 pm to discuss ELS opportunities.  The council members will receive further details soon.


Fourth, the requests for online student services, success specialist, scholarships, awards, professional development opportunities, review of policies and procedures were tabled until the next meeting. 


Additionally, Dr. Bartoszuk announced the add-on fellowship requests nomination on June 1, 2013. 


Furthermore, Dr. Bartoszuk distributed the Illuminated magazine to the council members.








There was no further business to discuss; therefore, the meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.