Graduate Council – Minutes

East Tennessee State University

September 24, 2012 1:15pm

President’s Conference Room – Dossett Hall 206


Present:  Dr. Karin Bartoszuk, Dr. Jeffrey P. Beck, Ms. Queen H. E. Brown, Dr. Russell Brown,

Dr. Stacy D. Brown, Dr. Scott W. Champney, Dr. William R. Duncan, Dr. Emmett M. Essin,

Dr. Eric S. Glover, Dr. M. M. Grube,  Dr. Donald B. Hoover, Dr. Marie Jones, Dr. Jeff R. Knisley,

Ms. Billie Lancaster, Dr. Lori Marks, Dr. Cecilia A. McIntosh, Dr. Robbie Pack, Ms. Laura Pepper-Weiler,  Dr. Martha M. Pointer, Dr. Kathleen M. Rayman,  Ms. Colleen Scott, Dr. Marie Tedesco,

Dr. Ester L. Verhovsek, Dr. Florence M. Weierbach,


Absent:  Ms. Maria D. Costa, Dr. William R. Duncan, Ms. LaDonna Hutchins,

Dr. Ester L. Verhovsek,


Guest:  Dr. Yali Liu


Approval of August 2012 Minutes:


The August 27, 2012 minutes were approved without corrections.


Curriculum Subcommittee report –  Dr. Martha Pointer:  


New Course Proposal – MATH 5750, Survival Analysis


This new course contains information not found in other courses and offers content that can be used in multiple disciplines.


The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:


A.        In the Staffing section of the Snapshot, insert the name of the professor who will teach the course.

B.        In the Purpose and Goals section, re-word the second sentence of the second paragraph to read something like “Specific goals include: Recognition of when ….   Identification of different types…” etc.

C.        In the Other Information section, add a statement about academic misconduct similar to the following:


ETSU is committed to developing the intellect and moral character of its students. To that end, all instances of plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic misconduct shall be punished in accord with Tennessee Board of Regents Policy. Any knowledge of conduct of this nature should be reported to the proper authorities. Not reporting instances of academic misconduct represents a fundamental break with honor code policy, and although this offense is not punishable, reflects a callous disregard for yourself, your classmates, and your professors. Penalties for academic misconduct will vary with the seriousness of the offense and may include, but are not limited to: a grade of F on the work in question, a grade of F for the course, reprimand, probation, suspension, and expulsion. For a second academic misconduct offense, the penalty is permanent expulsion. (ETSU Syllabus Attachment.)


TABLED FROM AUGUST 2012 MEETING: Action taken by council:  approved with recommended changes



A.             Graduate Faculty Subcommittee report and recommendations – Dr. Tedesco. 


Graduate Faculty Subcommittee Report

September 2012


New Appointments


            Applicant                                            Dept.                                       Recommendation


1.      Adleman, Kimberly                            HSMP                                     Member

2.      Barkley, Deborah                                ELPA                                      Affiliate

3.      Crittendon, Courtney                          CJCR                                      Affiliate

4.      Dotson-Wheeler, Karen                      SPED                                      Affiliate

5.      Enloe, John                                         HDAL                                     Affiliate

6.      Farmer, Laura Boyd                            Counsel. & HS                        Member

7.      Foster, Kelly                                       SOAA                                     Member

8.      Galyon, Keramidas                             SPED                                      Member

9.      Graybeal, Susan                                  ELPA                                      Affiliate

10.  Jarman, Jay                                          CSCI                                       Member

11.  Leach, Brent                                       HDAL                                     Affiliate

12.  Mahoney, Faith                                   HDAL                                     Affiliate

13.  McNight, Jill Stinson                          PSYC                                      Member

14.  Mizuguchi, Satoshi                             Exercise & SP Science            Member

15.  Palmatier, Matthew                             PSYC                                      Member

16.  Pendley, Robin                                   HSMP                                     Member

17.  Peterson, Jonathan                              Health Sciences                       Member

18.  Quinn, Megan                                     Biostat. & Epid.                      Member

19.  Rankin, John                                       HIST                                       Member

20.  Rocheleau, Gregory                            CJCR                                      Member

21.  Sayers, Adam                                      Athletics                                  Affiliate

22.  Schairer, Kim                                      Aud. & SPCH Lang. Path.     Member

23.  Smith, Sheila                                       Nursing                                   Member

24.  Southerland, Jodi                                COBH                                     Affiliate

25.  Spurling, Richard                                ELPA                                      Affiliate

26.  Westfall, Charles                                 Sent to Dr. Beck for temporary application.

27.  Westover, Daniel                                Lit. & Lang.                            Member


Action taken by council:  approved





            Applicant                                Dept.                           Present Status   Recommendations


1.      Basham, Pepper          Aud. & SPCH Lang. Path.     Temp.              Affiliate

2.      Crooke, William          Lit. & Lang.                            Associate         Member

3.      Briley, John                 Public Mgmt.                          Associate         Member

4.      Hale, Kimberly            Teach. & Learning                  Associate         Member

5.      Kalbfleisch, John        Acad. Affairs-COM               Full?                Member

6.      Liu, Xuefeng               Biostat. & Epid.                      Associate         Member

7.      Sands, William            Exercise & SP Science            Temp.              Member

8.      Schweitzer, John B.    Pathology-COM                     Full                  Member

9.      Wang, Keshang           Biostat. & Epid.                      Associate         Member


Action taken by council: approved


Old Business:


Dr. McIntosh reported on the Thesis and Dissertation Boot Camp that started on Saturday, September 22.  Overall, the boot camp is starting out well with 22 registrants and 17 attending the full weekend.  Comments indicated the participants are enthusiastic about the opportunity to make progress.  There were approximately 80 to 97 pages completed to be sent to the respective committees for input and feedback.  Dr. Marie Jones delivered the first mini-workshop and facilitated the entire weekend.  There are 3 more sessions. Dr. Eric Glover stated he was impressed with the Boot Camp and the schedule.  There have been positive comments from both faculty and students.


Dr. McIntosh stated enrollment for 2012-2013 academic year is up about 7%.  Most other TBR schools are down or flat.   Dr. McIntosh outlined efforts to address application completion, increase capacity in high demand programs, and other strategies to meet the interests and demands of students in our service area and beyond. The graduate coordinators were briefed on strategic growth initiatives. She has spoken to faculty and will have conversations with the various departments and colleges to explore strategies.


Dr. Bartoszuk distributed the new ETSU School of Graduate Studies Illuminated Graduate Student Research magazine to the members of the council.  Dr. Bartoszuk stated an email was sent to the graduate students, faculty, and staff to introduce the magazine with a link to access. Two talented graduate students were involved.  Mariam Ayad (graduate student in Professional Communications) conducted the interviews and wrote the articles.  Jerome Morrision (graduate student in New Media Studio) designed the graphics and layouts.  The feedback has been positive.  The magazine for spring is being composed.  Dr. Bartoszuk asked if any of the council members had graduate students in research that would like to be interview for the spring issue to let her know.  Dr. Beck commented the students worked over the summer and did an excellent job on the magazine.  Dr. Champney asked the cost and was advised 500 copies printed, the two graduate students paid $1000 each, and the total cost was $2500.  Also, Dr. McIntosh advised half of the stipend for the Professional Communication student was paid by Graduate Studies and the New Media Studio program is under the Graduate Studies umbrella of programs.


Dr. Beck stated the GRE prep course enrolled 40 students for October 20, 2012.  The tutors for the GRE prep workshop will be Dr. Robert Gardner and Dr. Robert Russell.  There will be a second workshop scheduled for January 2013 and both undergraduate and graduate students may register.  The council members suggested perhaps two GRE workshops in the fall semester to accommodate more students.  Dr. Beck will check availability on campus to schedule the GRE prep and report back to the council.


Dr. Pointer asked if any plans in the works for GMAT prep workshop. However, there are no plans as yet but if there is sufficient interest, then it may be a possibility.


Dr. Beck summarized the DegreeWorks project. There have been several meetings to discuss the predefined notes to put on the student records.  The representatives from the various departments are working to fine tune the 200 plus notes into a more concise and usable program for both undergraduate and graduate students.  The catalog template should be sent out at the end of the month for review.  A possible setback is the project manager will be leaving and a replacement will be required.  


New Business:


Dr. McIntosh requested representation on the summer and winter Sessions advisory committee.  This is to ensure that impact on graduate students is reviewed ahead of time and that special considerations are addressed.  Dr. McIntosh suggested a representative from Graduate Studies, Graduate Council, or Graduate Coordinators along with asking others to represent on the advisory committee.  Dr. Martha Pointer will serve on this committee.


Dr. McIntosh stated discussion with David McGee regarding a Fall Career and Graduate School Fair on the ETSU campus.  Dr. McIntosh has committed to sponsoring six tables at the fall fair.  Other departments/programs can also participate or sponsor a table for the fair.  The Fair will be in the Millenium Center ballroom on October 24, 2012 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.   Also, any brochures or information the departments want to place on the tables should be sent to Rebecca Loyd.  Lunch will be provided.


Dr. McIntosh reported when the Academic Council met last time, the UCC presented an annual report with narrative.  Dr. Bach has asked for a similar presentation from the Graduate Council.  Dr. McIntosh suggested including a narrative written by Dr. Tedesco for Graduate Faculty subcommittee, Dr. Pointer for Curriculum subcommittee, and Dr. Champney to write a conclusion.  The annual report should be completed before the next Academic Council which meets twice a month and the next one is the third week in October.  Dr. Champney will head this up with goal to have ready for a November Academic Council meeting, perhaps November 1.


Dr. McIntosh suggested a set time of the month for the Graduate Faculty subcommittee to meet.    Previously, the council as a whole reviewed both the curriculum and the faculty appointment and re-appointments.  The subcommittees made the review of proposals of curriculum and appointment of faculty more manageable. Therefore, Dr. McIntosh suggested each council member should serve on the subcommittees. In response to the request, the curriculum subcommittee members are now: Dr. Martha Pointer (chair), Dr. Stacy Brown, Dr. Marie Jones, Dr. Eric Glover, Dr. Russ Brown, Dr. Jeff Knisley, Ms. Colleen Scott, and Dr. Kathleen Rayman.  The graduate faculty subcommittee members are now: Dr. Maria Tedesco (chair), Dr. Don Hoover, Dr. Emmett Essin, Dr. Lori Marks, Dr. Florence Weierbach, and Dr. Rob Pack.  Dr. Cecilia McIntosh, Dr. Karin Bartoszuk, and Dr. Jeffrey Beck are non-voting members of the curriculum and faculty subcommittees.




Dr. McIntosh stated the GA/TS handbook will be on agenda later in the semester to be discussed.  It needs to be edited to reflect the new electronic GA/TS contract system. 


Dr. Beck stated the Registrar’s office requested changes to the intent to graduate form.  Also, there are department name and organizational changes.  The department changes are division of HDAL into two separate departments which are Counseling/Human Services and Teaching and Learning; the KLSS department has divided into two separate departments which are Exercise and Sport Sciences and Kinesiology Sport and Recreation Management.  Dr. Champney stated the Biomedical department has combine their five separate departments into one Department of Biomedical Sciences.




There was no further business to discuss; therefore, the meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.