Graduate Council – Minutes

East Tennessee State University

August 26, 2013 1:15pm

President’s Conference Room – Dossett Hall 206


Present:  Dr. Karin Bartoszuk, Ms. Queen H. E. Brown, Dr. Russell Brown, Dr. Stacy D. Brown, Dr. Scott W. Champney, Dr. Emmett M. Essin, Ms. LaDonna Hutchins, Dr. Marie Jones, Ms. Billie Lancaster, Dr. Lori Marks, Dr. Brian Maxson, Dr. Cecilia A. McIntosh, Dr. Martha M. Pointer, Dr. Kathleen M. Rayman, Mr. Joshua Savage, Ms. Colleen Scott, Dr. Marie Tedesco, Dr. Florence M. Weierbach


Absent:  Ms. Maria D. Costa, Dr. William R. Duncan, Dr. Eric S. Glover, Dr. Donald B. Hoover, Dr. Jeff R. Knisley, Dr. Robbie Pack, Dr. Ester L. Verhovsek, Dr. Marsh Grube


Guests:  Ms. Evelyn Roach


Selection of Graduate Council Chair for 2013-2014:


Dr. Lori Marks was selected as Graduate Council Chair for the 2013-14 year.


Approval of June 2013 Minutes:


The approval of minutes was deferred to the last items of the council meeting.  The June minutes were approved without correction.


Curriculum Subcommittee report – Dr. Martha Pointer:


Each of the proposals below was considered using the following characteristics as an element of the appropriateness of the proposal:

Appropriate credit hour assignment

Appropriate discipline-specific best practices

Appropriate purpose and goals of the proposal

Appropriate intellectual/learning outcomes

Appropriate content and topics

Appropriate major assignments

Appropriate class level

Appropriate course type

Appropriate course delivery method

Conflict with other courses or programs

Articulation and transferability of credit to other institutions


I.          Substantial Course Modification – CUAI 5455, Social Studies Methods for Middle Grades


This course is being modified to align with the curricula requirements of Tennessee’s Ready2Teach initiative.

            The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:


A.   On the second page of the snapshot, the Course Title should be the current title of the course.


Action taken by council:  approved with recommendations


II.         New Course Proposal – APST 5905, Internship


This new course provides students with the opportunity to gain work experience in the area of their studies.


The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:


A.           In the Grading Scale, use “Below 75” for the letter grade of “F.”


Action taken by council:  approved with recommendations


III.        Non-Substantive Curriculum Change – DrPH in Epidemiology


            The proposal changes one of the statistics requirements so that doctoral students do not take a 5XX7 course.


            The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:


            A.        In the Rationale for Proposal, change the wording of the first sentence to read something like “The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degee currently contains four courses in the Epidemiology concentration.”

            C.        Change the Proposed Implementation Date to Fall 2014.


Action taken by council:  approved with recommendations


IV.       Non-Substantive Curriculum Change – Epidemiology Graduate Certificate


            The proposed changes increase the epidemiology content of the certificate.


            The subcommittee recommends approval with the following changes:


A.        In the Summary of Actions, add an “and” after “(COBH 5030)” and before “Statistical Software,”

B.        Also in the Summary of Actions, add an “and” after “(EPID 5420)” and before “Epidemiology of.”

C.        In the list of Graduate Faculty, separate the listing of faculty members with a semicolon between each faculty member.

D.        Change the Proposed Implementation Term to Fall 2014.


Action taken by council:  approved with recommendations


V.        Non-Substantive Curriculum Change – M.A. in Early Childhood, Master Teacher and Research/Thesis Concentrations


            The proposed changes would allow students in the Master Teacher and Research/Thesis concentrations of the M.A. in Early Childhood to complete the Early Childhood Education Emergent Inquiry Certificate Program concurrent with the master’s program.


Tabled until the September meeting.



Graduate Faculty Subcommittee report and recommendations – Drs. Tedesco and Marks. 


New Appointments


Applicant                              Department                          Recommendations


1. Honeycutt, Scott              Literature & Language                    Member

2. McManus, Stanton          Literature & Language                    Member

3. Mitchell, Carissa              Teaching &Learning                                   Affiliate

4. Ozment, Tammy               Surgery                                              Incomplete application                                                                                                        (returned to department)    

5. Santana, Myra                  Teaching & Learning                      Affiliate




Applicant                  Department                          Present Status        Recommendation


1. Bowen, Christopher        Curriculum & Instruction    Temporary     Affiliate

2. Conrad, Kimberly             Curriculum & Instruction    Temporary     Affiliate

3. Randall, Kincaid              Curriculum & Instruction    Temporary     Affiliate

4. Knight, Terri                      Curriculum & Instruction    Temporary     Affiliate

5. Lawson, Danny               Curriculum & Instruction    Temporary     Affiliate

6. Mackara, Warren             Economics & Finance        Member          Member

7. Richardson, Cheryl         Curriculum & Instruction    Temporary     Affiliate

8. Roane, David                   Pharmaceutical Sciences  Associate       Member

9. Rusinol, Antonio             Biomedical Sciences          Full                 Senior Member

10. Smith, Brian                   Kinesiology, Sport, &           Associate       Affiliate

                                                            Recreation Management   

11. Walls, Jennie                 Graduate College of            Associate       Affiliate




Report from Academic Council – Dr. Champney:


As the Graduate Council representative on the Academic Council, Dr. Champney conveyed two important items from the Academic Council meeting.  The first item was the Faculty Handbook revision in which a campus wide email was sent with the online URL to access the handbook.  The second item was the SACS response to the reaffirmation committee. The report centered on Institutional Effectiveness compliance and QEP Assessment issues.  SACS response comes in December.  


Old Business:


The council members selected the following persons to serve on the Graduate Faculty subcommittee:  Dr. Lori Marks (Chair), Dr. Brian Maxson, Dr. Robert Pack, Dr. Emmett Essin, Dr. Marie Tedesco, Dr. Florence Weierbach, and Dr. Mitch Robinson. 


Secondly, the council selected the following persons to serve on the Curriculum Subcommittee:  Dr. Martha Pointer, Dr. Karin Bartoszuk, Dr. Jeff Knisley, Dr. Marie Jones (Chair), Dr. Stacy Brown, and Dr. Kathleen Rayman.


Lastly, Dr. McIntosh summarized President Noland response to the Graduate Council letter sent requesting his consideration to increase the graduate assistantship stipends. Therefore, graduate assistants stipends will increase by $500 per year over the next four years across the board.  This increase is planned to start in the 2014-15 year. 


Finally, Dr. Jones and Dr. McIntosh reported on the Thesis/Dissertation Boot Camp.  A breakeven point of fifteen registered students was established for boot camp and this goal was obtained for the summer.  Ms. Emily Redd facilitates with Ms. Darla Dye with registering students, set up the workshop, and ordering lunch with the registration money.  Furthermore, members of the faculty community volunteer for the mini-workshop and various topics to be covered at boot camp; and only one person from the Sherrod Library is paid to ensure the opening, closing, and remaining during boot camp. The next boot camp is scheduled for September 6 and 7.


Additionally, Dr. McIntosh announced as a result of the boot camp, two students are graduating this semester and several graduated in May. Another ELPA graduate student is defending after eight years and as a direct result of attending the boot camp workshop.  Through the boot camp surveys, the question was asked if online graduate students would be able to attend boot camp.  This is one of the areas the team boot camp members will be discussing and what options can or cannot be devised.




Dr. McIntosh gave an update on the progress of the online Graduate Faculty system.  The Graduate Faculty system is being funded half by the deans and half by Graduate Studies.  The Graduate Studies deans, Doug Harris, system analyst, Queen Brown, and ETC (Emerging Technology Center) met recently to discuss how the system will operate.  The pilot should be ready for the end of the fall semester for testing, then live implementation to all departments there afterward.


New Business:


Dr. McIntosh and Dr. Rayman presented the proposed policy for second doctoral degree change.  This is an ETSU policy change rather than a TBR proposal change.  It is an expansion on established policy in the language for a second graduate program.  The motion was made, approved, and voted to change the proposed new language for a second graduate program with the suggested recommendation.








There was no further business to discuss; therefore, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.