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Trademark and Licensing

ETSU Identity

Obtaining a License

Items for sale using the University Trademarks must be licensed.

CLC is the licensing agent for ETSU. As such, CLC is responsible for administering the licenses (third party permissions for vendors and manufacturers), including processing of vendor applications, collecting and distributing royalties, and enforcing proper trademark usage.
CLC consists of more than 900 colleges and universities, athletic conferences, the special properties nationwide.  Based in Atlanta, CLC provides its member institutions the resources and expertise necessary to maximize licensing revenue potential.

Standard License - If you are a business interested in producing items using ETSU  trademarks, you can apply for a license with CLC our licensing agent.

Internal Usage License - If you are a business interested in producing products intended to be sold directly to the university that are for internal/non-resale use, you can apply for a license with CLC, our licensing agent. All sales must be exempt from royalties (as determined by University Licensing Policy). Many internal suppliers chose to hold a standard license.

Crafters License- If you are interested in hand-making items using ETSU trademarks, and you do not intend to sell these items wholesale to retail stores, but instead sell your hand-crafted items at fairs, farmers markets, and online, you are eligible to apply for a Crafters license. Detailed information is located on the Crafters License page.

Inquiries regarding the University Licensing Program should be directed to .

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