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Trademark and Licensing

ETSU Identity

Students, Faculty, Staff

The Office of University Relations regulates the commercial use and internal use of the universitys name and all identifying marks, both on and off campus, to ensure the protection of ETSU's excellent reputation and maintain high standards of use. Campus departments, student organizations and external groups frequently purchase merchandise that use university symbols, logos, and marks. These items range from lapel pins, backpacks, and mugs, to types of clothing and even high-end merchandise for special occasions. Since each of these is an extension of the universitys image, and just as there are standards for print material, there are standards for items available for retail sale or for use by organizations.

Only campus departments and student organizations that are officially recognized by or are part of the university are allowed to use ETSU logos, symbols and trademarks in conjunction with their name, and in doing so, must have approval prior to use. For approval, please email .

All campus entities, including student groups, must use a licensed vendor to produce any merchandise with the ETSU name and/or logo. This applies whether the items are intended for the department/organization's own use (e.g., team shirts), or for promotional pieces.

All licensed vendors have gone through an approval process ensuring:

  • High quality
  • Correctly branded
  • Artwork approval
  • Product liability insurance
  • Ethical production (Items not made in sweatshops)

Licensed vendors are held to the highest standards. In the rare instance that an order with a licensed vendor has been misprinted, is poor quality, etc., the order can be made right or the licensee may risk consequences such as losing its license.

Ordering of Items

  • Campus entities can buy items for promotional giveaways, however giveaways cannot be resold.
  • Campus entities cannot buy tangible items e.g., t-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, etc. for resale. ETSU does not hold a resale certificate.
  • The University mission of instruction, research and public service qualifies ETSU for tax exemption status. The university is not set up as a for-profit organization. 
  • Products, including apparel, may be purchased with foundation funds for students, faculty, and staff with limits by the IRS of a $50 value per person, per year.
  • State funds cannot be used to purchase apparel for state employees unless the apparel is required in order to perform the duties of the position and would not be worn outside of the employee performing their respective duties, such as in law enforcement.

For additional information, please email or contact Barbara Mason at 423-439-4766.

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