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Office 365 Migration

East Tennessee State University

365 Known Issues


Issues and Solutions

Outlook Calendar Best Practice
Advanced Calendar Options

Issues and Solutions

Can't open my Outlook
If Outlook is not communicating with the mail server, it could be a license issue due to required updates not properly communicating with Microsoft. Go to and sign in using your ETSU email in this format '' and your ETSU password. If you can not sign in, contact ITSHELP@ETSU.EDU.
How to Migrate my Goldmail to Outlook Desktop
  1. Login to the
  2. Click the gear/cog icon in the upper right
  3. Choose the Options submenu option
  4. On the left-hand navigation expand Mail, Accounts, and choose Connected Accounts
  5. Click the plus (+) sign
  6. Enter the Goldmail address and password
How to Connect my Goldmail to Outlook365
You can connect up to 5 other email accounts - such as Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail, and QQMail accounts - to Outlook Mail or Office 365 Outlook.
Outlook on desktop is slow to Send, Load and Delete
In Desktop Outlook, Go to File > Account Settings > Use Drop Down and Again Select Account Settings > Change...> Offline Settings and Check the "Use Cached Exchange Mode Box"
Where is spell check in Outlook Web Application?
Use the selected web browser's spell check for Outlook Web Application.
How can I change the default for Reply in email Outlook Web Application?
Select the gear located in the upper right corner and go to Options.  Under the Mail Options select Reply settings and change the default to "Reply".
I don't want to view my message in conversation mode.
Open Mail, locate the "All' icon located to the right of the word "Inbox". Use the drop-down and select to view by Date and uncheck Conversations.
Outlook asks me over and over to add my credentials or username and password

Enter full, check the box that says 'Remember my Credentials', and close Outlook.  Log in again.

If this did not work try adding a New Profile in Outlook.

I don't see my email folders in OWA.

In Outlook Web Application, select the "More" link to see all email folders. Select the triangle to see nested folders.

Issues and Solutions

Error Message when setting up Android Phone - "cannot connect to server"

In the Username Field and the Domain/Username Field enter your entire Email address.

Server for mobile devices using ETSU 365  ''

Screen Capture of Android Settings for Office 365 Apps
Image of 365 Screen Capture for Settings


Issues and Solutions

 Outlook asks me to enter username and password again and says Administrator has made changes

Issues and Solutions

#1 Login Issue
Outlook  may autofill the User Name field with your e-mail address as - Remove the 'Mail' to login - Account Information
"Outlook was redirected to the server"
 Public Folders from my MAC using 2011 or 2016 MAC for Office

Issues and Solutions takes you to the Library of apps.
 Change the default Start Page by going to and select the gear in the upper right corner. Under General > Start Page select the preferred Start Page.

Issues and Solutions

 OneDrive Sync desktop application not working
 Microsoft Office 365 desktop sync application with OneDrive is compatible with Office 2013.  It can be used with Mac and Office 2010, however it requires more effort on the part of the user. If Users would like to update to Office 2013 contact or If users do not wish to update to 2013 at this time, but wish to use OneDrive, contact for assistance. More information about OneDrive and local install for Mac can be found
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