Bucs Go Beyond

Bucs work hard. Bucs give back. And Bucs go beyond.


Bucs Go Beyond:
Hands-On Experience.
Real-World Impact.

Think college is all about lectures and required reading?

Not at ETSU.

East Tennessee State University was founded in 1911 with a singular purpose: to improve the quality of life for people in the region and beyond.

At ETSU, our students, faculty, and staff work every day to go beyond the classroom and make a communitywide impact.

Through our innovative, hands-on coursework, our students gain valuable real-life experiences while making a difference for others.

Are you ready to go beyond?



alternative breaks graphic

ETSU's Alternative Break Program trains and immerses students in a purposeful service experience.

Real World Impact Graphics

ETSU provides community-engaged learning experiences for students so that they can make a real-world impact.

ETSU Elevates graphics

ETSU Elevates helps students create a healthy, thriving region with opportunities for all.



Discover Your Path to Impact

Embark on a Journey of Learning and Service

At East Tennessee State University, every lesson has a broader purpose: to serve and uplift the community. Whether you’re contributing through the Alternative Breaks Program or engaging with local initiatives through ETSU Elevates, you’re gaining more than just knowledge—you're making connections that matter.

Join Our Community of Changemakers
Ready to shape the future? Start with your own. To find out more about how ETSU can be part of your story, fill out the form to request additional information. Let’s explore how, together, we can go beyond.



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