College of Public Health

ETSU hosts media day for public health simulation lab

Friday, September 23, 2022 marked the 10th anniversary of the college of public health simulation lab at ETSU on the Eastman-Valleybrook campus between Johnson City and Kingsport.  Project EARTH is designed to prepare students to solve real-world problems through experiential learning.  Randy Wykoff, the dean of the college, says it started 11 years ago when he and Mike Stoots, the director of Project EARTH, set out to develop a program that would teach students the skills they need to work in resource-limited settings, such as rural areas and in post-disaster settings.  The College of Public Health hosted a media day and the following news outlets provided coverage:



Johnson City Press

Public Health classes at Valley-brook are open to ETSU students from any degree program, and they allow students to acquire skills that can be easily applied to a wide range of fields. Students are able to take concepts outside of the classroom and see how they can be executed in the real world.