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Scholarship Information for Online, Adult and/or Out-of-State Students

East Tennessee State University provides scholarship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students both in-state and out-of-state. Through available financial support and scholarships, many students at ETSU are able to work toward their degree with no out-of-pocket tuition costs.

An overview of scholarship opportunities for adult, online and/or out-of-state students are listed here. We encourage you to search the scholarship database to find additional scholarships opportunities that you may be eligible for.

Transfer Student Scholarships

Non-traditional Student Scholarships

  • Ralph and Cornelia Clarke Memorial Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
    • Non-traditional student who is late in beginning college, or who is returning to or enrolling at ETSU to complete a degree
    • Documented financial need required
    • Minimum GPA - 2.8
    • Demonstrated ability and commitment to complete an undergraduate degree
    • Application deadline - March 1st
  • ETSU Reentry Student Scholarship
    • Undergraduate
    • Desire to reenter the job market through academic preparation
    • Applicant must be primary caretaker of his or her household
    • Applications available in the Adult, Commuter, and Transfer Office
    • Application deadline - March 1st
  • Non-traditional Student Scholarship
    • Students other than typical freshmen entering college directly from high school
    • Students upgrading career skills on a part-time or full-time basis
    • Minimum of 21 years of age
    • Documented financial need
    • Application deadline March 1st

Out-of-State Student Scholarships

ETSU offers many opportunities to make education accessible and affordable for students.

Scholarships and programs that assist with out-of-state tuition (including, but not limited to, the Academic Common Market, the ETSU eRate, Public Performance Scholarships, Honors-in-Discipline Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships or Tuition Scholarships) cannot be used in combination with other scholarships and programs that also assist with out-of-state tuition. Only one of these scholarships or programs may be applied to a student account during any semester.



Out-of-state students enrolled exclusively in online courses and programs are automatically eligible to receive reduced tuition through the eRate, a savings of nearly 50% versus regular, out-of-state tuition.

If you are (or will be) an out-of-state student taking all of your coursework online, the program or scholarships that is most financially beneficial to you for the semester in question will be automatically applied. Please note, however, that some scholarships are only awarded to new students, which means those scholarships will not be awarded during future semesters to students who did not accept them during their first semester at ETSU. Feel free to contact us to discuss the eRate and scholarship options that will apply to your situation. 

Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market is an interstate agreement between southern states for sharing academic programs not readily available in the home state. Participating states allow residents who qualify for admission to enroll in specific programs in other states to pay at the In-State rate in the state where the program is offered. Students who are participating in another program which covers out-of-state tuition (including but not limited to, Public Performance Scholarships, Honors-in-Discipline, or Border Waiver) are not eligible. 

To be considered, you must (1) apply and be accepted for admission into a program which your home state has obtained access for its residents through the Academic Common Market, and (2) obtain certification of residency from the Common Market Coordinator in your home state.

Academic Common Market Programs at ETSU and listing of state coordinators.
Academic Common Market Program Policies

For more scholarship information:

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