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ETSU Identity

University Relations

Identity FAQ


Why is ETSU introducing a new visual identity?

Top universities use strategic, well-executed identity standards to protect their image, enhance the value of their name, and to build a foundation for successful branding. A strong identity gives the public a set of instant positive images that build confidence, trust, and respect.

Why is a consistent visual identity important?

Over time, a unified visual identity will enhance ETSUs image, provide instant recognition, and a higher recall among prospective students and audiences whose support we seek. A proliferation of independent, decentralized identities and symbols creates confusion.

Does this effort involve the entire university?

Yes, this is a university-wide commitment. The new E banner logo is the primary mark, replacing the mountain logo and all other academic marks.

What do I do with my old stationery, business cards, and other materials?

Given the current economic climate, we need to conserve resources, therefore, the new identity program will be phased in over time. Everyone should use up all existing office materials, such as stationery and business cards, before ordering new ones with the new brand. Our goal is to have everything updated by June 2016.

Can I still wear or use products with the old logos?

We are proud of our history. The new university mark reflects the strength and character of the university going forward and will be used in any and all promotion and marketing on behalf of the university, but employees students, friends and fans of the university can certainly continue to proudly use their existing ETSU products.

Where do I get a University logo for my department?

Any future logo design for colleges and departments will be constructed by University Relations. To obtain a copy of your college or department logo, please select theLogo Requestnavigation button and submit a request.

What is the timeline for printed materials?

As of May 1, 2014 all marketing material and promotional items must be approved by the Director of Marketing. Please contact for approval.

As of May 15, 2014 all marketing material and promotional items, from this point forward, shall include the new academic mark. Please contact for assistance.

As of June 1, 2014 all new materials printed shall be created using the approved templates. Templates will be available on the Identity Website. Please contact .

What amount was spent on the university logo?

ETSU hired an outside company to design the new university logo. The total amount spent on this project was $9,250.
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