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Transfer and Adult Student Outreach

School of Continuing Studies & Academic Outreach

Transfer/Articulated Agreements

Articulation Agreements

An Articulation Agreement is a specific agreement between ETSU and another state university or community college regarding two specific degree programs. This agreement is designed to provide a list of courses that can be taken at both institutions to satisfy degree requirements at both places. These are typically majors of study that are not offered on a Tennessee Transfer Pathway and have specific classes that need to be transferred from school to school for successful degree completion. Articulation Agreements are used to help students complete two programs in a timely manner without a loss of credit in the transfer process.

ETSU has transfer agreements with the following schools:  

International agreements:

Please click here to view academic regulations for ETSU's transfer and articulation program. 

For questions about transfer agreements or articulation, please feel free to contact the Office of Transfer and Adult Student Outreach at (423) 439-8306 or email us at .

Tennessee Transfer Pathways (TTPs)

Click here for more information.

General Education Requirements                  

There is a common core of fully transferable general education courses among all TBR institutions. Please click here to see a list of Colleges & Universities within the TBR system with approved transferable courses. For ETSU's General Education Requirements, click here!

Note: Meeting general education does not guarantee that all requirements for respective majors are completed.  Some major programs require specific courses that appear in both the major and in the general education core.  It is advised that transfer students closely review the undergraduate catalog for their field of study regarding major specific requirements that may also appear as part of the general education core. 

College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

For transfer students pursuing a field of study within the College of Arts and Sciences, it is recommended that you view the College of Arts and Sciences specific B.A. and B.S. requirements

Majors in the College of Arts and Sciences include but are not limited to: Appalachian Studies, Art and Design, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Communication and Performance, Criminal Justice and Criminology,  Geosciences, History, Literature and Language, Mass Communication, Mathematics and Statistics, Medical Professions Advisement Program, Music, Philosophy and Humanities, Physics and Anatomy, Political Science, International Affairs, and Public Administration, Psychology, Social Work,  Sociology and Anthropology.

For more information, please visit:


Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff to ask any questions you have related to the transfer transition process.  We are here to help you in any way that we possibly can!



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Transfer and Adult Student Outreach 
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