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The Global Sport Leadership program is designed to provide the working sport practitioner with a global view of leadership in a variety of sport areas. This program is an online educational doctorate program that will progress with a new cohort each fall. The culminating experience is a Doctoral Capstone Project, which will provide the student the opportunity to bring all the information gained throughout the program into one seamless document.

Earning a Doctorate in Global Sports Leadership offers advanced knowledge and career advancement opportunities in various sectors of the sports industry. Through research and networking, you can contribute to shaping policies and practices on a global scale while influencing the direction of sports organizations. Pursuing a doctorate fosters personal development, enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It provides a platform to engage with industry professionals and scholars, building valuable connections for future collaborations: obtaining a doctorate allows you to make a meaningful impact on the field of sports leadership, contributing to positive change and societal development.


Students in the Global Sport Leadership program take what they have learned in the classroom to the real world through a study abroad field experience. This amazing opportunity provides students the opportunity to travel abroad and interact with leaders in the field of sport in multiple cities and countries. The specific itinerary for each year is custom designed to provide students with a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse in the culture of another country.

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Class of 2019
Dr. Richard Sander

"Many sport administrators are positioned to climb the ladder in only one area. The GlobalSport Leadership program provids in-depth exploration of both the internal and external operations of a sport organization to provide students with a broad-based understanding of the sport industry."

Director of Athletics with over 30+ Years Experience
Dr. Richard Sander

Doctorate degree paid off.  I'm heading to the Big Ten. Not a doubt in my mind that this degree helped set me apart.

Andrew Sims, New Director of Football Operations at Nebraska