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Information Technology Services

ETSU-Sponsored PCs


ETSU Sponsored Desktop and Laptop Computers

an Information Technology Services Policy


Provides information about the ETSU-Sponsored computer project, including eligibility for computers and disposition of computers when the replacement cycle occurs.

    1. Introduction

ETSU provides standard desktop computers to faculty and staff in an effort to maintain current technology on campus for the betterment of ETSU as a whole and reduce the total cost of ownership.  These computers are dispersed to two groups of employees through the Computer Replacement Project:

      1. Installation for new-position employees.  These replacements will start in the fall semester of each fiscal year.
      2. Replacements for any computer where the warranty expires before June 30 of the current fiscal year, and the employment position meets eligibility rules. These replacements will be ongoing throughout the year. 

Employees will have the option to choose between a PC or Macintosh computer and can choose to upgrade to one of at least three different configurations for each platform.  ETSU pays the full amount for a base level or Level 1 PC desktop computer.  Any of the pre-defined upgrades selected will result in the department being charged for the difference between the base model and the model selected. A full list of current configurations and pricing can be found on the ETSU-Sponsored Desktop Computer Replacement Project website.

ITS is responsible for the organization of this program and for installing and maintaining the desktop computers. All ETSU-sponsored computers are tagged with a special label to indicate they were purchased through this initiative. Printers computers are not provided as part of this project.

ITS is also responsible for purchasing and maintaining the inventory for ETSU-sponsored computers. These computers are intended to be replaced as part of a routine four-year replacement cycle; however, this is subject to change if the budgetary restrictions conditions are not favorable.  Computers purchased as part of this project will be removed by ITS when the new computer is installed and will be surplussed as appropriate.  A department should make budgetary allocations to provide equipment for those positions not eligible under this policy.

    1. Program Guidelines
      • ETSU-sponsored computers are assigned to the employee position number, not a specific employee. Sponsored computers should not be assigned or moved to other ETSU positions.
      • After the replacement cycle has passed, the sponsored computer will be eligible for replacement.  ETSU-sponsored computers must be returned at the end of the replacement cycle. The computer to be returned must be the same computer that was received as part of the replacement project. Another computer cannot be substituted for the ETSU-sponsored computer.  The original computer must be forfeited before the new replacement computer will be installed.
      • surplussed ETSU Sponsored computers must retain all original configuration hardware (memory, same monitor(s), optical drives, same size hard drive, video card, etc.)  If a department purchases upgrades, such as additional memory or a larger monitor this equipment can be retained.  The department or employee should inform CTS of any such situation at the time the computer replacement is scheduled.
      • Requests for any exceptions should go to the Information Technology Services Associate CIO/Chief of Staff.  
    2. Eligibility Criteria
      1. The position using the computer must be a full-time, permanent assignment or a new, full-time faculty or staff assignment (a new position number would be assigned through Human Resources in this case.)
      2. The primary assignment of the position must be to an unrestricted index / org verified through the ETSU Budget Office.
      3. Only one computer per person is allowed. Those employees who have split assignments are not eligible for a computer for each assignment, even where two position numbers exist.
      4. ITS will verify all positions with Human Resources and/or the College of Medicine before a computer is ordered.
      1. Eligibility Criteria Exceptions

        Full-time, permanent Tennessee Higher Education Commission employees are exempt from the eligibility criteria.

      2. Eligibility Exclusions The following ETSU employees are excluded from receiving a desktop computer under this policy:
        • Adjunct faculty members
        • Auxiliary Services employees
        • Family Medicine/Family Practice personnel
        • College of Pharmacy personnel
        • Athletics positions assigned to a restricted index/org
        • Student workers and graduate assistants
        Eligibility of Physical Plant employees is evaluated on an individual basis, based on the job requirements of the specific position.
    3. Computer Installation

New faculty and staff positions will receive computers in the fall of each year. Replacement of existing ETSU-sponsored computers will take place throughout the year. Eligible employees will be contacted in advance to select a computer model and their preferred installation month and day. An ITS representative will follow-up with the employee to schedule a specific appointment and collect information on any special needs or requirements.

    1. Standard Software Configurations

A basic software image containing the operating system and standard ETSU software will be installed on each desktop computer. Any exceptions to the software configuration will be considered on an individual basis, and should be in direct support of the employees job requirements.

    1. Network Connectivity

The department is responsible for ensuring a functional network connection is available prior to any new computer installation.

    1. Eliminated Positions

If a position is eliminated, ITS will reclaim and re-assign the computer formerly used by that employee's position. Refunds are not made on any upgrade charges that were applied to the departments account during the initial installation. It is the responsibility of the employee and/or department to inform ITS when the position is eliminated or has not been filled within 6 months of receiving the computer intended for that position.

    1. Surplussed Computers

When the replacement cycle is complete, the sponsored desktop computer will be eligible for replacement. The computer to be replaced will be picked up and disposed of following ETSUs surplus procedures.

      1. Reserve Inventory

        ITS retains a small number of surplussed computers for parts inventory and redistribution. These surplussed computers will remain in ITS inventory and parts will be used as needed.

      2. Repurposed Computers

        A percentage of computers retrieved as part of the Computer Replacement Project will be made available to departments as part of the Repurposed Computer Project based on priority of need. ITS will remove all data from the computers and will install standard university operating system and software. Departments can buy a repurposed computer to use for an additional two years by purchasing an extended 2-year warranty from ITS to cover the cost of any parts for the computer. Computers will be assigned randomly and departments will not be able to choose to keep a specific computer.

      3. Providing Area Schools with Technical Assistance (PASTA)

        surplussed desktop computers from the Computer Replacement Project not retained by ITS for parts or for the repurposed computer program will be surplussed to the PASTA program. All data is removed from the computer after approximately two weeks. The computers are then refurbished, tested and provided to local K-12 schools with priority given to University School. surplussed computers sent to the PASTA program are only appropriate for distribution to K-12 schools and cannot be used for other purposes at ETSU. Please visit the PASTA website for additional information on this program.

    1. Contact Information

Please contact Myra Jones, Chief of Staff and Associate Chief Information Officer at or 439-8614 with any questions about this policy or its implementation.

Approved: Information Technology Council
Reviewed: March 2017 
Active since: December 2009

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