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Information Technology Services

PC Installation


Desktop/Laptop Computer & Printer Installation Policy

an Information Technology Services Policy


Provides guidance to campus users purchasing desktop computers or printers that are not a part of the University's computer replacement policy for faculty and staff.

    1. Policy

Information Technology Services (ITS) approves all new computer and printer acquisitions. Acquisitions should be made based on the current University Standards. Computers and printers bought without prior approval or prior variance approval may not be eligible for ITS support and maintenance. The manager of Computing Technology Services (CTS) can answer questions with regard to current computer standards.

Computers connected to the network will require installation assistance from ITS. Individuals should contact the ITS Help Desk (439-4648, email: ) to schedule the installation of a computer. A Help Desk ticket number will be supplied to the individual and a representative from CTS will contact the individual to schedule an installation time. Any computer needing non-standard network configurations should be requested to ITS via the ITS Help Desk.

ITS will re-install applications supported by ITS from the user's current computer to the new computer. Applications not supported by ITS will be attempted on an 'as-is' basis, as time permits. ITS cannot install software without proof of licensure.

"In-kind" gifts or donations of computer or computing equipment must be pre-approved through the University Foundation office before acceptance. This equipment will be tagged and supported at the discretion of ITS.

If the new computer was obtained via the ETSU Sponsored Computers Policy the installation procedures for that program will take precedence over this policy.

Printer installation will be provided by ITS for all printers meeting current standards. Installations of non-supported printers will be attempted as time allows. Please note that we may be unable to install some non-standard printers. Any further support or maintenance on non-supported printers will be the responsibility of the department.

    1. Departmental Purchases

If this computer is to replace an existing computer which is less than the current minimum configuration as defined by current university standards or is more than six years old, the original computer should be sent through the surplus procedure. ITS will assist in the completion of the Surplus of Equipment form for the original computer. Central Receiving will then schedule Physical Plant personnel to remove the equipment.

If the computer being replaced is equal to or above the current minimum suggested configuration, ITS will assist in the installation of this computer to replace a computer that does not meet the current minimum suggested configuration. This computer should be sent through the surplus procedure. All computers must have licensure for all software that remains.


Approved: Information Technology Council
Reviewed: March 2017
Active since: May 2000

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