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Center of Excellence for HIV/AIDS

Quillen College of Medicine

Social Support Services

Please note that the services below are available to people who meet the program's guildelines.  To ensure that the care you receive is specific to you and to guarantee you are eligible for the services you are requesting, you must contact a Case Manager and schedule an appointment to meet.


CASE MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                                       Case management services are available to link you to community resources and services that address health, emotional, financial and personal issues associated with HIV/AIDS. Services can be provided short term or long term to assist you with overcoming any challenges that you may be facing, or to help you reach personal goals.

Crisis Support services are offered to address a wide range of needs. If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else, contact 9-1-1, immediately. If no immediate danger to yourself or others is present, but you are still experiencing an extreme mental health situation contact Crisis Stabilization at: 1-877-928-9062.

Certified Ryan White recipients are eligible for assistance for transportation to and from medical appointments, on an as needed basis. For individuals residing within Washington County, bus passes are also available to assist with transportation to and from Lab Visits, as well as other Social Service appointments, either at our office, or within the community.

Between services offered within our clinic, as well as local resources, a variety of services are available to assist you and your family if you are in need of food. Certified Ryan White recipients are eligible for assistance for nutritional food purchases.

Short-term financial help may be available for rent, utility deposits and/or bills. You must meet with your case manager to determine whether or not you quality for this assistance. Financial planning and budgeting assistance is also made available to you, per your request, to ensure that you are making the most of your money and to assist you meet your financial goals.

Assistance for employment is available, per your request, and includes services such as exploring career options, ensuring job readiness, resume development, interview assistance, and networking. Schedule an appointment with your Case Manager for additional information.  

Housing support is available to assist you if you are homeless or just needing to find a new residence. We are able to assist in a variety of options, and to clarify your needs, an appointment must be made for assessment.

Between services offered within our clinic, as well as local resources, a variety of services are available to assist you if you are in need of clothing.

Due to the nature of care, there is no one size fits all approach to dealing with your mental health and/or substance abuse challenges. ETSU Physicians employs an Individual and Family Psychotherapist and is also able to provide referrals to community agencies to best meet your needs and wishes. Additionally, a Psychiatric Pharmacist is available, by referral, to assist with medication therapy management in the areas of psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy, substance abuse and addiction, and other primary care disorders.

New or old diagnoses can benefit from having education about HIV. Our clinic offers services not only to those that have been diagnosed, but also to their families and support systems to ensure that all involved are aware and share an understanding about options and care.

Our clinic is committed to offering services to not only address the needs of those that have contracted HIV, but to provide options for those at high risk of contracting HIV. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis also known as PrEP is a pill taken once a day to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV. Those at high risk include: individuals with multiple sexual partners, having a previous diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases, exchanging sex for food or drugs, inconsistent condom use, as well as injection drug use. Additionally, Youth aged 13 – 24 is the fastest growing age group to contract HIV, with gay males most at risk for transmission.    

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