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Division of Laboratory Animal Resources

Quillen College of Medicine

Animal Procurement

All warm-blooded vertebrate animals to be used for teaching, research, testing,
or experimentation at ETSU must be purchased or otherwise obtained through the DLAR.

The Director of the DLAR is responsible for approving the source of all animals. Since animals are an important part of the research studies, it is imperative that they be of defined quality in order for the data obtained to be valid and replicable. Therefore, the major criteria for the selection of a vendor should be the suitability and quality of the animal. All scientific arguments from the user will be considered by the DLAR in making the selection. The cost of the animals should be considered, but will not be the most important factor in vendor selection. Other considerations in making the decision will be:

o     the ability of the vendor to provide the animals as ordered

o     health status of the animals ordered

o     vendor must be a USDA licensed dealer (if applicable)

o     transportation facilities and connections available

o     ethical and fiscal integrity of the vendor.

o     previous vendor used if the project is a continuation or collaboration effort

Animal procurement should be discussed with the or the of the DLAR. Because of experience and knowledge he/she will be able to assist in the selection of the most appropriate animal model, acquaint you with services available at ETSU, apprise you of sources, availability, and costs, and help avoid untimely delays of animal orders due to lack of necessary information.

Before any animal(s) can be used, the investigator must submit to the DLAR office an " Animal Study Protocol" application. The application will then be submitted to the University Committee on Animal Care (UCAC) for review at the next meeting. The UCAC meets monthly, and all Animal Study Protocol Applications must be submitted to the DLAR office by the deadline for each month's meeting. 

Animals will not be ordered, purchased, imported or otherwise acquired without an approved experimental protocol!

Upon UCAC approval of the protocol and assignment of a Protocol I.D., the completed Laboratory Animal Order Form can be forwarded to the DLAR office.   The investigator should ensure that all pertinent information is provided and that the appropriate account numbers plus the required original signatures are affixed. Signature of the department chairman is required for purchases drawn on a departmental account. Photo-copy, fax, telephone or e-mail orders will not be accepted.

The Assistant Director of the DLAR will review the order and ensure the availability of vendor, space, caging, and other services for the project. To ensure timely delivery and adequate housing, orders should be placed as far in advance as feasible.   Annual blanket accounts are maintained by the DLAR with several high quality animal vendors. The DLAR must process a requisition through the ETSU Purchasing Department for animals from sources with which the DLAR does not maintain an account. Arrival of such animals usually is delayed 3 to 6 weeks. Plan ahead to avoid costly delays.

Rodent orders are placed on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (see ordering schedule below) for delivery the following week, contingent upon strain availability. Failure to submit animal orders by the deadlines listed below may result in delayed delivery. All ordering information must be verified prior to placing an order, and a Laboratory Animal Order Form with required signature(s) must be submitted to the DLAR.  


Deadline for Order Submission
Delivery Day
Method of Delivery
Thursday at noon
The Jackson Laboratory
Thursday at noon
Thursday at noon
Charles River
please inquire

Air Freight - day varies

Truck - Thursday

other vendors  
please inquire  

Availability of animals is dependent upon vendor stock. Certain orders, such as some strains of transgenic mice, may be backordered for several weeks or even months.  

Orders for large animals should be placed a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the preferred delivery date.  

To obtain animals from an outside institution or an unapproved vendor, a Non-Routine Vendor Questionnaire and a Request for Importation of Animals must be completed and submitted to the DLAR.  

Upon arrival, animals are inspected by DLAR personnel prior to acceptance and are placed into appropriate housing. They are examined for correct size, weight, sex, and apparent health. At this time, the principal investigator or his/her designee will be informed by email of the arrival of the shipment. Any abnormality detected by the user should be promptly reported to the DLAR. If animals are found to be diseased or otherwise unsatisfactory, the DLAR may be able to obtain restitution from the vendor. This is particularly true when it can be determined by laboratory findings that the animals were diseased upon arrival or otherwise were not as ordered.  

The designated account will be charged the current purchase price per animal, freight, carton charge and any handling charges, plus a DLAR surcharge which is calculated at 17% of the cost of the animals (the surcharge is calculated based on the price of the animals only, and the maximum surcharge per order is $125). Contact the for additional information on animal prices or shipping /freight charges.

Per Diem Maintenance Charges / Fees for Services











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