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Division of Laboratory Animal Resources

Quillen College of Medicine

Fees for Services

Animal Maintenance fees*

per diem ($, per cage)



Mouse, barrier




**Barrier Housing: There is an additional maintenance charge for animals housed in limited access breeding rooms and quarantine. This charge will cover the additional costs for autoclaved materials, cages, bedding, acidified water, irradiated food and personal protective equipment used in these areas.

Animal Purchasing

From Commercial Source
Purchase price plus shipping and a 17% surcharge on the purchase price only, not to exceed $125.00 per shipment.

From Other Than Commercial Source
If animals are transferred or donated to ETSU at no purchase charge, a $10.00 set-up fee will be charged for each cage.

Technical Assistance

The DLAR offers technical assistance to users of animals at ETSU. Please refer to Technical Assistance for details. Diagnostic x-ray equipment is available in Building VA 119 for use on animals or pathological specimens. Please call the DLAR for detailed information.

Other Services

The DLAR will charge for all drugs used on animals or dispensed to the investigator.
Limited amounts of disposable supplies are available in the DLAR .
These supplies can be purchased at DLAR cost plus 17% surcharge.

* When calculating animal costs for years succeeding FY 2019-20 it is suggested that the investigator incorporate a budgeted 10% increase per year of all charges, which is not binding to the DLAR as a minimum/maximum increase nor binding to the investigator if increases are not put into effect.

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