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Facilities Management

East Tennessee State University

ETSU Energy Conservation Plan

We have developed an energy conservation and reduction plan as part of continuing efforts to address budgetary shortfalls due to reduced operating revenues. The concept of this plan is simple. It aims to ensure that we use only what we need, and only for as long as we need it. The plan will put the following steps in place for all academic and administrative buildings as quickly as possible:

  • Thermostats will be adjusted to a new daytime (occupied) setting of 68 degrees in winter and 74 degrees in summer. The thermostats have a (+-) 2 degree band from setting.

  • Where building automation systems or programmable thermostats exist, temperatures will be adjusted to a new nighttime (unoccupied) setting of 65 degrees in winter and 78 degrees in summer. (Temperature sensitive areas such as animal labs, musical instrument rooms, computer server areas, etc, will be maintained at the appropriate temperatures and may not be subject to night, weekend, or holiday setbacks.) Where nighttime settings are feasible, they will also be in place during any unoccupied daytime events such as holidays or weekends and all extended breaks. Generally speaking, if the University is not operating you should not expect the heating and air conditioning systems in academic buildings to be "running as usual."

  • Where technically possible heating systems will be turned off whenever outdoor air temperatures are above 60 degrees except in temperature sensitive areas listed above.

  • The use of portable space heaters will not be allowed unless an exemption for extenuating circumstances is granted. The exemption includes medical, instructional, research or other special requirements. A work order should be submitted to determine if space temperatures are within parameters. See Appendix II for space heater information.

  • A request for exemption to the policy and use of portable heaters is included as Appendix III.

  • Refrigerators as well as all appliances will be turned off and/or defrosted over the winter holiday break, spring break, and summer break; it is a great time to clean for health.

  • Newly obtained refrigerators and other appliances must meet Energy Star standards. Existing appliances are acceptable and considered grandfathered as of the implementation date of this policy.

  • It is recommended that faculty and staff share common break rooms to reduce the need for appliances in private offices.

  • Please see Appendix I for typical appliance cost information.

In order to meet these guidelines, Facilities Management will monitor energy consumption and provide progress updates in the sustainability news letter.

Please remember to:

  • Turn off the lights when leaving office areas during extended periods of time, e.g. when leaving the office during the lunch hour or leaving for a meeting in another area. Use natural lighting when feasible.

  • Turn off all classroom lights when not in use.

  • During installation OIT configures computer hardware to go into a low power mode when they are inactive for a period of time. However, they still use power. When your computer is not needed, you should consider powering off peripherals such as printers, monitors and speakers. Your computer can be shut down as well but please note, your software updates that have been released during your shutdown will load immediately at the next boot. You will also not be able to use remote desktop tools if your computer is shut down.

  • Close laboratory exhaust hoods when not in use.

  • Dress appropriately for the lowered temperature settings.

  • When you see energy waste, speak up! Remind your friends, co-workers, or fellow students to conserve energy.

  • If you have questions about details of the plan please contact Facilities Management at 439-7900 or e-mail James Newland at .


Please submit your ideas for possible energy savings and/or conservation to Tom Horan at .

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