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Facilities Management

East Tennessee State University

Facilities Improvement Fund

Fund Improvements for Your Campus!

The ETSU Space Usage Committee requests proposals to use the Facilities Improvement Fund to fund improvements for: 

  • classrooms
  • student spaces
  • infrastructure
  • maintenance
  • campus beautification


Funding allocations for proposed projects will fall into four categories.  Applications are not required to specify a category(s) but you are encouraged to include the relevance of your project to the fee mandate(s);

  1. Improvements in Campus Beautification – Funding demonstrates needed improvements in campus facilities and grounds addressing beautification efforts.
  2. Number of Students Impacted – Funding demonstrates visibility and impact to a great number of students.
  3. Project Alignment with the Campus Master Plan – Funding demonstrates alignment with the campus master plan, strategic plan, and university goals and priorities.
  4. Improvements in Campus Infrastructure or Maintenance – Funding demonstrates needed improvements in campus facilities and infrastructure.

The committee allocates the fees to fund projects that will be visible to or impact a great number of students, and will help establish the university as a leader in higher education practices. 


 Deadline:   Please contact Kim Edwards at  with any questions.


Who can apply: Anyone

  • students
  • faculty
  • staff
  • university offices/administrative units
  • registered student organizations

If needed, the Space Usage Committee will help provide access to campus resources and personnel to approve projects.  If you are unsure your project meets the guidelines below or if you have any other questions regarding the application, please contact Kim Edwards at .

Project Rules & Restrictions

  • To be considered, projects must be implemented on ETSU campuses and demonstrate a specific student benefit.
  • Funding will not be given to projects that are for fundamental research purposes only (projects with a research component, however, will be fully considered).
  • Funding is subject to any university restrictions on such projects including the bidding process and site approval.  Projects must be consistent with campus standards and the campus master plan.
  • Projects must be technically and economically feasible, and a funding source to operate and maintain must be identified. 
  • Proposals for funding should not be used for budgeted salaries, special events or operational expenditures not associated with the Facilities Improvement Fund.
  • Proposals must follow the outline below and will only be accepted as either a Word document or as a PDF.

Applicants are encouraged to submit a proposal that includes the following:

I.     Project Description & Scope:

Please include:

Description of the project including project goals.

Longevity and/or permanence of project results on campus.

Location, including any concerns that may arise from the chosen site; applicants are encouraged to consult with Facilities Management prior to submitting their proposal to ensure selection of appropriate sites.

If applicable, comparisons to similar projects at other campuses.

II.   Budget & Fundraising:

A.   Budget:

Provide an estimated budget for the full project costs, including initial costs and life-cycle operation and maintenance costs. 

Detail both the specific budget items and the total funding amount being requested.

If the Space Usage Committee does not fund the full requested amount, will the project be able to move forward?

In an effort to support a greater number of projects on campus, please identify match funding or other funding sources. 

B.   Fundraising:

List any grants or other sources of funding that have been obtained or applied for.  If these funds are limited to a certain component of the project, please specify.

NOTE: Preference may be given to those projects that seek additional funding from other sources.  This priority is given to encourage cost sharing and to allow the funds available to support a greater number of projects on campus.

III.  Timeline:

Provide an estimated timeline listing the length of time from start to finish and detail the length of time that each component will take.

IV.   Outcomes:

The Space Usage Committee strives to fund projects that will be highly visible and have a positive impact on the lives of the ETSU students.  Selected projects will be required to publicize their project in press releases and/or presentations and mention the support of the ETSU Facilities Improvement Fund. 

Please address the following:

Impact of the project on students

Project alignment with the campus master plan, strategic plan, and university goals.

Expected outcomes and goals

Projects are encouraged to have an educational component; however, projects that also have quantifiable impacts on the campus community will be given preference.

Please contact Kim Edwards at  for any questions.

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