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Facilities Management

East Tennessee State University

Housing - Procedures for Entering Student Housing Rooms & Apartments


Recognizing that Facilities Management staff and students work in close proximity, the purpose of this procedure is to develop a standard of entry into student housing rooms/apartments/buildings, and to ensure that interaction between students and Facilities Management personnel is performed in a safe and professional manner.

In addition to written notification as necessary, employees shall perform the following steps to assure that all attempts have been made to make their presence known so that neither student nor staff becomes surprised, threatened, or compromised. As situations dictate, personnel shall use these standards along with their best judgment in order to protect the student, themselves, and the university.

Action Plan

  1. For planned tasks or routine maintenance, do not enter rooms before 8:00 am. For requests after hours and emergencies, enter room as below.
  2. Personnel to wear an employee ID badge and/or assigned clothing.
  3. For planned tasks, assure that the unit or building has received the proper notice of entry. If alone, contact your supervisor or Dept. of Housing staff and ask for someone to accompany you before entering.
  4. If male staff are on a predominately women’s floor or a building that has community bathrooms (L. Clement floors 4-5, West, Stone, Panhellenic, Carter), announce loudly “man on the floor” upon entering the hall.
  5. Room / Apartment Entry:
      1. At the unit front door, knock loudly.
      2. If no answer, knock again and loudly announce “Maintenance”.
      3. If no answer, unlock the door, open it slightly while loudly announcing “Maintenance”.
      4. Wait for a response, then enter the unit.
  6. If in a residence hall, leave the main door to the hallway opened with the door hang tag clearly showing that personnel are inside.
  7. If in an apartment, when working away from the main door, leave the door closed with a door hang tag clearly showing that personnel are inside.
  8. Once in the unit, check the private bathroom (if applicable).
      1. If it is clear that no one is in the bathroom, proceed with your duties.
      2. If someone is in the bath/shower and cannot hear you, leave the unit and return in ___ minutes, even if you have been invited in by others.
  9. If you encounter someone asleep after you have entered the room/apt following the procedures above:
      1. If in a multi-bedroom apt. and work is in a common area - Do all that is reasonable to let the student know you are there, including loudly asking them to respond. If no answer, shut bedroom door with door hang tag placed on floor underneath. Proceed with work.
      2. If in a single residence hall room – If student is not awake, leave room with door hang tag indicating you have been there and return later or reschedule. If student awakens and invites you in, but does not get out of bed, cautiously proceed with the work.
  10. If a student refuses personnel entrance or you encounter a combative resident – Do not force the issue and do not enter the room/apartment.  Announce that you will return in ___ minutes. If not agreeable, call the Area Coordinator (AC) or the AC-on-duty and let them know what you have encountered.  Another appointment will be made.
  11. For second shift employees, after-hours, weekend calls, or other times as necessary – Call the Dept. of Housing on call coverage personnel (number will be made available) for escort purposes. 
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