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Get a small school experience at much lower tuition.

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A community of honors-distinctive academic, creative, and enrichment programs

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Scholarships for undergraduate students who excel in diverse areas of study

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Opportunities to help enrich and support student success

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University Honors Scholars

A four-year program for high-achieving students who enroll at ETSU as freshmen, following high school.

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Midway Honors Scholars

A two-year program designed for high performing, undergraduate students who transfer to ETSU from community colleges or other universities.

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Fine & Performing Arts Scholars

Invites high-achieving students to join our community of artistically and academically talented undergraduate scholars.

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Honors-in-Discipline Scholars

Are offered within a variety of degree majors at ETSU.

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International Programs

Over 50 nations are currently represented at ETSU.

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Presidential Honors Community Service Scholars

Provides an opportunity for high-achieving students who enroll at ETSU as freshmen.

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Undergraduate Research

ETSU makes a variety of resources available to fund undergraduate research and creative projects.

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ETSU Study Abroad

Is a fulfilling and life-changing experience - a good addition to your degree.

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The Washington Center

ETSU in partnership with The Washington Center, offers students the opportunity to participate in internships in Washington D.C.