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OpenBUCS Free Music 1030 Course

Introduction to Music (MUSC 1030)

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An introduction to the development of music, with an emphasis on art music of the Western hemisphere. Topics include:

  • elements of music
  • instruments and ensembles
  • formstyles and periods, including major composers and works
  • learning is encouraged through listening to and writing about music

Download the Course Syllabus (PDF)

What do I get out of this open course?

  • develop music literacy through listening to, thinking about and writing about music and through study of the elements and history of music
  • encouragement to pursue lifelong learning in music through concert attendance and personal listening
  • develop skills in using the Internet as a resource
  • students may pursue the optional path to college credit and receive transferable college credit that counts toward a degree

Course Structure

The course is laid out in seven modules, each of which includes several video lectures, a self-grading quiz, and suggested activities for further study. Most modules also include links to biographies of composers discussed in the videos and to relevant material that supports the music you will be listening to. The videos often have links to YouTube videos, but are also accessible through the instructor's playlist.

Module 1: Course Introduction; Beat; Rhythm; Melody; Harmony; Tonality; Tempo; Dynamics; Articulations
Module 2: Texture; Form; Instruments and Ensembles; Overview of style periods
Module 3: Genres; Music before the Baroque
Module 4: The Baroque Period
Module 5: The Classical Period
Module 6: The Romantic Period I
Module 7: The Romantic Period II
Module 8: The Modern Period

Open Course Instructor Information:

Mary Dave Blackman, Ph.D. , Course Instructor
Department of Music | East Tennessee State University

Dr. Mary Dave Blackman has been on the music faculty at East Tennessee State University since 1997, when she came here to serve as chair of the department. Since 2006, she has been back in the classroom, teaching elementary music methods and introduction to music (online and "live"). She is also the online liaison for the College of Arts & Sciences, providing support for faculty and departments offering online courses and programs. Additionally, Dr. Blackman directs Buccaneer Brass, the basketball pep band. A graduate of the University of South Carolina and the University of Texas, she is currently editor of Tennessee Musician, the state journal for music educators. She is also the author of An Introduction to Art Music, an eBook published by Kendall-Hunt.


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