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We're happy that you're considering the option to pursue a path to credit for the work you've done in an OpenBUCS course! Below you'll find information on the steps involved.

Step 1 FAQ:

Is there any cost for taking an OpenBUCS Course?
No. OpenBUCS courses are completely free. If you choose to receive credit for your course work, the total cost for the Path to Credit will be $300 plus the application fee.

If I take the OpenBUCS course do I have to take the Path to Credit?
No. The Path to Credit is completely optional. We're offering the Path to Credit as a way to decrease the overall cost of education for people who would like to have their OpenBUCS course work included on their college transcripts.

Step 2 FAQ:

What is the Pre-Credit Assessment for?
The Pre-Credit Assessment allows you to see how you're likely to perform if you choose to pursue credit and give you an idea about how well you've mastered the material the For-Credit Assessment will cover.

Is the Pre-Credit Assessment required if I want to receive college credit?
Yes. It is required that you complete the Pre-Credit Assessment before you'll be allowed to take the For-Credit Assessment.

I want to pursue credit. How do I get started with the Pre-Credit Assessment?
Information about the Pre-Credit Assessment can be found in your OpenBUCS course modules. You can also contact your course coordinator through your OpenBUCS course or email us at .

Step 3 FAQ:

Why do I have to apply to ETSU?
In order for ETSU to add your grade and college credit for your course work to your official student transcript, you must be enrolled as a student.

What if I'm already an ETSU student? Do I need to apply again?
No. If you're already an ETSU student, skip this step and . We can help you move forward with the Pre-Credit Assessment.

Will I have to repeat the course work I've already done?
No. Enrollment as an ETSU student is for the For-Credit Assessment, not for course work. You will not have to repeat the course, but the course material will be available for you to review if you wish.

Step 4 FAQ:

What is the For-Credit Assessment for?
The For-Credit Assessment allows a faculty member to assess your mastery of the material (your learning outcomes) and assign the letter grade that will be included on your official student transcript.

Is the For-Credit Assessment different from the Pre-Credit Assessment?
Both the Pre-Credit and For-Credit Assessments are determined by the instructor. Additional information can be found in the OpenBUCS course or by contacting the course coordinator through your OpenBUCS course. You may also contact with questions.

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