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Office of the Provost

East Tennessee State University


General Education The mission of the Office of the Provost is to enhance institutional effectiveness through exercising administrative responsibility and coordinating the leadership of policy, planning, implementation strategies, and outcomes assessment related to the academic mission (teaching, research, and service) of the University.

The Provost has primary responsibility for the University's general academic policies and procedures, processes for academic program planning and approvals, procedures and calendars for academic administration, assessment of institutional effectiveness and efficiency in the University's academic mission, and for providing liaison and communication with the governing board and the state coordinating council, Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC), concerning academic issues. In addition, the Provost is responsible for ensuring coordination and communication between the two academic divisions of the University, the Division of Academic Affairs and the Division of Health Affairs

The Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs is comprised of the following colleges:

The Office of the Provost has administrative responsibility for the following University-wide and special Academic Programs:

Overall responsibility for administration of academic colleges and departments resides with the Vice Presidents who represent the two academic division of the University, the Division of Academic Affairs (which is composed of the colleges listed above) and the Division of Health Affairs (which is comprised of the Colleges of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health) and was recently named an Academic Health Sciences Center. 

The mission of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is to exercise administrative responsibility and authority for academic operations in the colleges and departments that comprise the Division of Academic Affairs. That responsibility includes coordination of strategic planning in the Division, budgetary and personnel recommendations (appointments and reappointments, tenure and promotion, annual evaluations) for those units, and participation on behalf of the Division by representing it in University-wide strategic planning efforts. The mission of the office further presumes that the Vice President will--in a spirit of shared governance--reflect a commitment to quality, to pursuit of the Division's goals, and to helping others associated with academic work in the Division's colleges and departments carry out their responsibilities successfully.


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