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Phones Request Installation, Disconnect, or Change

Departments can request for a new phone line to be installed or for an existing line to be moved or disconnected. The Telecommunications Requisition Form is used for these requests. The charges for monthly usage and installation/moving can be found in our billing section.

Network / Cable TV / Phone Drop Request (Portal)

  • Request installation of a new network, cable television, or telephone drop.
  • Charges will apply.
  • Please note: A single network jack can be shared between a Cisco telephone and computer by plugging the computer's network cable into the back of the telephone and then plugging the telephone's network cable into the network jack in the wall.

Phone Request - Long Distance PIN Request (Portal)

  • Long distance PINs are required to place a call to an outside area code or extension using a university telephone.
  • Long distance charges of $0.05/minute are billed to the requesting department.

Phone Request - New Phone Line or Service Request (Portal)

  • Employee request to install or change a single-line telephone, multi-line telephone, or fax line.
  • Charges accrued through the installation or moving of an existing telephone or fax line are billed to the requesting department.
  • Applicable charges are detailed on the form.
  • Use this form to:
    • Install new single-line telephone and service
    • Install new multi-line telephone and service
    • Install new fax line
    • Move an existing fax line

Phone Request - Modify Existing Phone Service Request (Portal)

  • Employee request to modify service on an existing telephone line or service.
  • Service modifications do not incur a departmental charge.
  • Use this form to:
    • Move a telephone phone number to a different phone
    • Swap a telephone within a department
    • Move a telephone number to a different departmental index for billing purposes.
    • Add voicemail to an existing telephone
    • Discontinue telephone service
    • Add a departmental user to the telephone billing site to view departmental monthly telephone and fax charge details

Phone Request - Quick Dial Modifications Request (Portal)

  • Employee request to add or change phone numbers available on a multi-line telephone. 
  • Quick dial modifications do not incur a departmental charge.
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