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College of Public Health

Robert P. Pack, PhD, MPH

Robert P. Pack, PhD, MPH

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & 
Professor of Community and Behavioral Health 
423-439-4243 /   
101 Lamb Hall


Fellowship:  Emory University Rollins School of Public Health & Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 1997-1999. 

Ph.D.  Health Education and Health Promotion, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health. 1998. 

M.P.H.  Health Behavior, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health. 1994. 

B.S.  Psychology, University of Alabama at Birmingham. 1991. 


COBH 6250: Evidence Based Public Health

COBH 6210: Health Assessment and Surveillance Research


Adolescent Health, Public Health Workforce Development, Prescription Drug Abuse


Mathis, SM, Hagemeier, N, Foster, KN, Baker, K & Pack, RP “It’s took over this region”: Patient perspectives of prescription drug abuse in Appalachia. Substance Use & Misuse. Under review. 

Mathis, SM, Hagemeier, N, Baker, K, Foster, KN, & Pack, RP. A qualitative analysis of provider-patient communication about prescription drug abuse: The perspective of patients. Health Communication. Under review. 

Mathis, S. M., Hagaman, A., Hagemeier, N., Baker, K. & Pack, R. P. Provider-patient communication about prescription drug abuse: A qualitative analysis of the perspective of prescribers. Substance Abuse. Under review. 

Horn, KA, Pack, RP, Trestman, R, Lawson, G (2018).  Almost everything we need to better serve children of the opioid crisis we learned in the 80s and 90s.  Frontiers in Public Health, 6:289. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2018.00289 

Mathis, SM, Hagemeier, NE, Hagaman, A, Dreyzehner, J, Pack, RP (2018).  A Dissemination and Implementation Science Approach to the Epidemic of Opioid Use Disorder in the United States.  Current HIV/AIDS Reports. 15(5) 359-370. doi:10.1007/s11904-018-0409-9 

Wykoff, RW, Pack, RP, Egen O*. (2018) The 12 P’s of the Opioid Epidemic. AJPH. 108, no. 9 (September 1, 2018): pp. 1124-1125. DOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2018.304629 

Moorman, JP, Krolikowski, MR, Mathis, SM, Pack, RP (2018) HIV/HCV Co-infection:  Burden of disease and care strategies in Appalachia, Current HIV/AIDS Reports. doi: 10.1007/s11904-018-0404-1

Hagemeier NE, Tudiver F, Brewster S, Hagy EJ, Ratliff B, Hagaman A, Pack RP. (2017)
Interprofessional Prescription Opioid Abuse Communication among Prescribers and
Pharmacists: A Qualitative Analysis. Substance Abuse. Aug 11:1-6. doi:

Brooks, B, Pack, RP, McBee, M, Alamian, A. (2017) The effects of rurality on substance
use disorder diagnosis: A multiple-groups latent class analysis. Addictive Behaviors.
68, 24-29. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2017.01.019

Pack, RP. Hagaman, A, Warfield*, S, Gray, JA, Tudiver, F, Alamian, A, Hagemeier, N (2016)
Interprofessional Research, Training and Outreach: The ETSU Prescription
Drug Abuse/Misuse Working Group. International Journal of Health Sciences
Education 3(2); PMID: 28280749 Available at:

Hagemeier NE, Alamian A, Murawski MM, Pack RP, Flippin* H, Hagy* EJ. (2016)
Correlates of Prescription Opioid Legitimacy Estimations among Community
Pharmacists in Tennessee. Substance Use and Misuse. 2016; 51(6):692-9.
doi: 10.3109/10826084.2015.1135952

Hagemeier NE, Tudiver, F, Brewster, S, Hagy, EJ, Hagaman, AM, Pack RP (2015)
Prescription Drug Abuse Communication: A Qualitative Analysis of Prescriber and
Pharmacist Perceptions and Behaviors. Research in Social &Administrative
Pharmacy. Dec 29. pii: S1551-7411(15)00282-X.DOI:10.1016/j.sapharm.2015.12.008.

Hagemeier, N, Alamian, A, Murawski, M, Pack, RP (2015) Predictors of Addiction Treatment
Information Provision by Community Pharmacists. Journal of Substance
Abuse Treatment; May;52:67- 72. DOI:10.1016/j.jsat.2014.11.006. Epub 2014 Nov 21

Southerland, J,*, Slawson, D, Pack, R, Sorensen, S, Lyness, JM, Hirsch, J (2015). Trait
Hope and Preparation for Future Care Needs among Older Adult Primary
Care Patients. Clinical Gerontologist. Mar 1;39(2):117-126.
DOI: 10.1080/07317115.2015.1120254.

Wykoff, RF, Khoury, A, Stoots, JM, Pack, RP (2015). Undergraduate Training in Public Health Should Prepare Graduates for the Workforce. Frontiers in Public Health. 2:285. doi:10.3389/fpubh.2014.00285

Stoots, JM, Wykoff, RF, Khoury, A, Pack, RP (2015). An Undergraduate Curriculum In Public Health Benchmarked to the Needs of the Workforce. Frontiers in Public Health; 3:12. doi:10.3389.fpubh.2015.00012.

Hagemeier, N, Alamian, A, Murawski, M, Pack, RP (2014) Factors Associated with Addiction Treatment Information Provision by Community Pharmacists. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Nov 21. pii: S0740-5472(14)00231-1. doi:10.1016/j.jsat.2014.11.006

Hagemeier, N, Murawski, M, Lopez*, NC, Alamian, A & Pack, RP (2014). Theoretical exploration of community pharmacists' perceptions regarding opioid pain reliever abuse communication Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 10(3) 562-575.

Brooks, B, Blackley, D, Masters, P, May, S, Mayes, S, Williams, C, Pack, RP, (2014) Developing an Academic Health Department in Northeast Tennessee: A Sustainable Approach Through Student Leadership. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. May/June; 20(3): 315-323.

Southerland, J, Wang, L, Richards, K, Pack, RP, Slawson, DL (2013). Misperceptions of overweight: Associations of weight misperception with health- related quality of life among normal weight adults attending a central Appalachian university. Public Health Reports Nov-Dec; 128(6):562-8.

Hagemeier, N, Murawski, M, Alamian, A & Pack, RP (2013). Community Pharmacists' Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Opioid Pain Reliever Abuse. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy Aug 24. pii: S1551-7411.

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White, R,  Zullig, KJ, Lander, L, Shockley, C, Pack, RP, Sullivan, CR (2011).   Preliminary results of the West Virginia Prescription Drug Abuse Quitline. Health Promotion Practice.  Sept 13 2011 epub ahead of print.      

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Robertson, A, Baird-Thomas, C, St. Lawrence, JS & Pack, RP (2005) Predictors of Infection with Chlamydia or Gonorrhea in Incarcerated Adolescents. Sexually Transmitted Diseases Feb;32(2):115-22


Florence, J, Pack, RP, Southerland, J, Wykoff, RF. (2012) The depth of rural health disparities in America:  the ABCDE's.  In Wendel and Crosby, (eds.)  Handbook of Rural Health.


Pack, RP & Bernier, R. (2017). Exclusive interview on the opioid crisis:  An interview with Robert Pack.  The Epidemiology Monitor. November 2017. (

Pack, RP (2010).  Alarmingly High:  Prescription Drug Abuse in Appalachia.  Now & Then: the Appalachian Magazine. July 2010.


Pack, RP, Hagaman, A, McCaffrey, A (2018).  A university-community response to the opioid epidemic.  Roanoke Anti-Drug Coalition.  August 28 2018. 

Pack, RP, Hagaman, A, McCaffrey, A (2018).  A university-community response to the opioid epidemic.  American Association of Medical Colleges.  Address to the USPHS Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) at the national award ceremony.  June 22 2018. 

Pack, RP, Kiviniemi, M & Mackenzie, S (2018).  Keynote address:  Liberal Education and   Professional Education Approaches to Undergraduate Training in Public Health.  ASPPH       National Meeting. March 7 2018. 

Pack, RP (2018). Intersections:  Finding answers in collaboration with communities.  Eastern Virginia Medical School.  February 5 2018.

Foster KN, Hagemeier NE, Alamian A, Pack, RP, Sevak RJ. "Don't be afraid...we're
researchers!": The impact of informal contact language on response rates and patterns of response. American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) Annual Conference. Austin, Texas; May 13, 2016.

Brewster S, Tudiver F, Hagy E, Hagaman A, Pack RP, Hagemeier NE (2016).
Prescriber and Pharmacist Prescription Drug Abuse Communication Perceptions
and Communicative Behaviors: A Qualitative Analysis. To be presented at
American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC; March 4-7,

Sevak RJ, Foster KN, Alamian AA, Pack RP, Hagemeier NE (2015). An Assessment of
Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants Among Tennessee Community
College Students Using The Theory of Planned Behavior. Presented at American
Society of Health-System Pharmacists Midyear Meeting, New Orleans, LA;
December 7, 2015.

Hagemeier NE, Tudiver FT, Brewster S, Hagy EJ, Hagaman A, Pack RP. (2015)
Prescriber and Dispenser Prescription Drug Abuse Communication and
Prescribing/Dispensing Behaviors: A Qualitative Analysis. Presented at North
American Primary Care Research Group Annual Meeting, Cancun, MX; October
27, 2015.

Sevak RJ, Brooks B, Gray JA, Alamian A, Hagemeier NE, Pack RP (2015). Yearly
trends in controlled substances obtained via permanent drug donation boxes in
Northeast Tennessee. Presented at College on Psychiatric and Neurologic
Pharmacists Annual Meeting. Tampa, FL; April 2015.

Hagemeier NE, Alamian A, Murawski MM, Pack RP, Flippin, H, Hagy, EJ (2015). Correlates of Prescription Opioid Legitimacy Estimations among Community Pharmacists in Tennessee. Presented at College on Problems of Drug Dependence Annual Meeting. Phoenix, AZ; June 16, 2015.

Apatu E.,J., Gregg E., C., Hillhouse, J. Wang, L., Pack, RP, (2014). Employment Status and Social Stakeholders Perceptions during the 2009 Samoa Earthquake and Tsunami. Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences, Honolulu Hawaii, May 28-31, 2014.

Southerland J, Slawson D, Hirsch J, Pack RP, Lyness J, Sörensen S. (2013). The Will and the way: The role of goal-directed behavior in future care planning among older adults. Workshop presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Gerontological Society, Charlotte, NC.

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Pack, RP.  Criminology and Public Health:  Toward Common Ground.  Invited talk for EPI 1892XX:  Epidemiologic Criminiology.  APHA 2008; San Diego 2008.

Pack, RP & Cooper, EA. Mechanisms for prescription drug abuse in Appalachia:  Preliminary data from inpatient prescription drug abusers.  APHA 2008; San Diego 2008.

Pack, RP (2007)  Sampling, Estimation and Research Methods.  WVU Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry Annual Scholarship Retreat, Snowshoe Resort, WV.  August 24-26 2007

Pack, RP (2007)  Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention in Rural Appalachia.  National Association of Welfare Research and Statistics. Charleston WV.  August 19-22 2007.

Pack, R.P., Roberts, E.G., Cooper, E.P., Manzo, K.S.  Mechanisms of prescription drug abuse in Appalachia:  Preliminary data from 30 inpatient prescription drug abusers  "Piecing the Appalachian Experience: Celebrating a Region".  Maryville College, Maryville, TN.  March 23-25, 2007.


Pack, RP (2017). Keynote address: Intersections: Finding answers in collaboration with communities. Virginia Rural Health Association. October 25, 2017. South Boston VA.

Pack, RP (2017). Panelist. Empowering Appalachia: Preventing HIV through Harm Reduction. Panel organized by the ETSU Alternative Breaks organization. October 26, 2017.

Pack, RP (2017). Panelist. Opioid Use Disorder. Panel organized by the ETSU Quillen School of Medicine, American Medical Student Association. October 17 2017.

Pack, RP, Kiviniemi, M & Mackenzie, S (2017). Liberal Education and Professional Education Approaches to Undergraduate Training in Public Health. ASPPH Webinar. August 22 2017.

Pack, RP (2017). System-level approaches to the opioid use disorder epidemic. Briefing for the US Congress as a part of a panel of Appalachian experts on substance abuse. June 19 2017. Washington DC.

Pack, RP (2017). Lessons learned a decade into the opioid epidemic. Synthetic Narcotic and Opioid Abuse Prevention Seminar. May 23, 2017. Wise VA

Pack, RP (2017). Panelist. Ethical Considerations Concerning Methadone and Suboxone Treatments. ETSU Social Work Professional Development Conference. April 14, 2017.

Pack, RP, Hagaman, A, Hagemeier, N (2017). Forum hosts: Tennessee State Task Force on Opioids. Hosted nine Tennessee State legislators at this event. March 20, 2017.

Pack, RP (2016) Opioid Use in Tennessee: Lessons Learned. Presented at the Southern Opioid Epidemic: Crafting an Effective Public Health Response Symposium, Emory University, December 19-20.

Pack, RP (2016). Prescription Drug Abuse a Decade into the Epidemic: Lessons learned in Tennessee. Virginia Rural Health Association, October 15 2016.

Pack, RP & Mathis, SA (2016). Substance use disorder in central Appalachia: Challenges for cultural competency. Culture and Health: Professional Competence in the 21st Century, Sept 15 2016. Johnson City, TN.

Pack, RP (2016). Prescription Drug Abuse a Decade into the Epidemic: Lessons learned in Tennessee. Association of State & Territorial Health Officers Integration Forum Workforce Committee, August 18 2016. Webinar.

Pack, RP (2016). Prescription Drug Abuse a Decade into the Epidemic: Lessons learned in Tennessee. West Virginia University School of Medicine, July 12 2016.

Pack, RP & Loyd, S (2014) Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemiology and Prevention Efforts at ETSU. Presentation to the Tennessee Senate Health and Welfare Committee, February.

Stoots, JM & Pack, RP (2013) Undergraduate Education at ETSU: the anti-MOOC. ASPPH Associate Deans Summer Meeting, June 20, Clearwater FL & ASPPH Undergraduate Summit, Nov 4, Boston MA & .

Pack, RP & Hagemeier, N (2013) Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Efforts at ETSU; Appalachian US Attorney's Summit on Prescription Drug Abuse, Sept.25. Johnson City, TN.

Pack, RP & Masters, P (2013). Workforce Development in Tennessee: Lessons Learned. ETSU College of Public Health Grand Rounds.

Pack, RP (2010-2014) Prescription Drug Abuse in Appalachia. Dozens of community audiences, such as:

  • Northeast Tennessee Counselors Association (2010)
  • Tennessee Public Health Association (2011)
  • Kiwanis, Elizabethton TN (2011)
  • Kiwanis, Bristol TN (2012)
  • Alliance for Continued Learning (2012)
  • AppNET Physicians (2013, 2014)
  • Rotary, Greeneville TN (2013)
  • Rotary, Johnson City TN (2014)
  • Quillen Rural Track Kickoff (2014)

Pack, RP (2011). Workforce Development in Tennessee: Lessons Learned. WVU School of Public Health

Pack, RP (2009-14) Prescription Drug Abuse.

  • ETSU Gatton College of Pharmacy; Non-medicinal drug use.
  • ETSU Quillen College of Medicine; Grand Rounds for Internal Medicine. 
  • ETSU Center for Appalachian Studies; classes in Appalachian Studies.
  • ETSU College of Public Heath Grand Rounds.



Principal U.S. Partner (Elizeus Rutebemberwa PI; Makerere University) Uganda 
Project 5- 450: mHealth for TB-Tobacco: An approach to reduce tobacco use among TB patients. National Academy of Sciences/US Agency for International Development. Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER Program).

Robert Pack (PI) 2013-2018
National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).
The ETSU Diversity-promoting Institutions Drug Abuse Research Program (DIDARP): Inter-professional Communication for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention in Appalachia.
It is a grant for a 5-year research infrastructure development program while performing the three research projects listed below. Grant Number 1R24DA036409-01.

  • Project 1: Health Care Provider Communication and Prescription Drug Abuse and Misuse. Co-Investigator (Dr. Nick Hagemeier, PI). Project period: June 15 2013 - March 31 2018.
  • Project 2: Patient-provider Communication to Prevention Prescription Drug Abuse. Principal Investigator. Project period: June 15 2013 - March 31 2018.
  • Project 3: Analysis of Controlled Substance Donations via DEA-sanctioned Drug Take Back Events and Drug Donation Boxed in Central Appalachia. (Dr. Jeff Gray, PI). Project period: June 15 2013 - March 31 2015.

Robert Pack (PI) 2010-2015 
Health Research Services Administration (HRSA)
Public Health Training Center.
This is a five-year award for a statewide Public Health Training Center aimed at workforce development in the State of Tennessee. Grant Number:  UB6HP20186.  Project period:  Sept 2010-August 2014.   $3,249,999 - direct costs. 


Co-Investigator (3%; R. Sevak, PI)
Nonmedical use of prescription stimulants among Tennessee community college students: An evaluation using the theory of planned behavior
This project is funded to evaluate the theory of planned behavior as a tool for understanding prescription stimulant misuse among community college students. Tennessee Board of Regents. Direct Costs: $39,999 (no IDC). Submitted January 2015, funding announcement April 2015. Grant period is July 2015-June 2016.

Robert Pack (PI) 2012-2013
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Tennessee Public Health Traineeships. This is a one-year Public Health Traineeship aimed at environmental health and epidemiology workforce development in the State of Tennessee. Project period: Sept 2012-August 2013. $6,000.

Robert Pack (PI & Co-I) 10/2008-06/2010 
State of Tennessee 
Coordinated School Health Evaluation 
This was a six year (2004-2010) evaluation of a state-wide Coordinated School Health effort (adopted role of PI upon a faculty departure; assigned PI to faculty after one year). $2,031,304 - direct costs.  Specific roles: PI July 2008-July 2009; Co-I July 2009-June 2010. 

Robert Pack (PI) 10/2007-2/2008 
State of West Virginia 
Prescription Drug Abuse Hotline 
This was a three year project to develop implement and evaluate a prescription drug abuse hotline in the Central Appalachian region. $1,000,000 - direct and indirect costs (relinquished role as PI upon move to Tennessee). 

Robert Pack (PI) 2/2006-10/2007 
West Virginia Attorney General's Office 
Community and Family-Based Initiative to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse and Intervention 
This study investigates the prevalence of prescription drug abuse in selected West Virginia counties and explores the mechanisms through which these drugs get into the community. $200,000 - direct and indirect costs.


Family, soccer, mountain biking, motorcycling, exploring the beautiful East Tennessee mountains and good music.




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