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College of Public Health

Deborah L. Slawson

Deborah L. Slawson, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.N.

Associate Professor and Chair,
DrPH Program Coordinator
Department of Community and Behavioral Health 
423-439-4592 /  
Room 310, Lamb Hall 


The University of Memphis, Ph.D. 
Major Area: Educational Research, Methodology, & Evaluation

Memphis State University, M.S. 
Major Areas: Dietetics and Research

Memphis State University, B.S. 
Undergraduate Major: Dietetics


  • PUBH 1010:  Lifetime Behaviors for Healthy Living
  • PUBH 3500: Consumer Health Education
  • PUBH 4377/5377:  Health Communication
  • PUBH 5200:  Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health
  • PUBH 6110:  Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health and Disease
  • PUBH 6150:  Evaluation Research in Public Health
  • PUBH 6210:  Health Assessment and Surveillance Research


School-based health promotion, evaluation and research; energy balance and obesity in childhood and adolescence


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Slawson, D. Role of foods fortified with iron, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber in improving elementary school-aged children’s behavioral outcomes. Research Development Committee, 2008-2009.


Dalton, W. T., III, Schetzina, K., E., Pfortmiller, D. T., Slawson, D. L., & Frye, W. S. (2010).  Health behaviors and health-related quality of life among middle school children in Southern Appalachia: Data from the Winning with Wellness project.  Journal of Pediatric Psychology

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McClanahan, B. S., Stockton, M.B., Lanctot, J.Q., Relyea G., Klesges, R. C., Slawson, D. L., Schilling, L. P. (2009). Measurement of body composition in 8-10-year-old African-American girls:  A comparison of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry and foot-to-foot bioimpedance methods.  International Journal of Pediatric Obesity Feb 26:1-8.

Slawson, D.L. (2009).  Live the Diet:  Incorporating empathy and counseling effectiveness in dietetics education.  Article published in the Dep-Line: Newsletter for the Dietetic Educators of Practitioners Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.

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Slawson, D.L., Clemens, L.H., & Bol, L. (2000).  Research and the clinical dietitian:  Perceptions of the research process, potential barriers to participation, and preferred routes to obtaining research skills.   Journal of the American Dietetic Association 100:1144-1148.

Clemens, L.H.E., Slawson, D.L., & Klesges, R.C. (1999).  The effect of "eating out" on quality of diet in premenopausal women.  Journal of the American Dietetic Association 99:442-444.

Eck, L.H., Slawson, D.L., Williams, R., Smith, K.R., Harmon-Clayton, K., & Oliver, D. (1998).  A model for making outcomes research standard practice in clinical dietetics.  Journal of the American Dietetic Association 98:451-457.

Slawson, D.L., & Eck, L.H. (1997).  Intense practice enhances accuracy of portion size estimation of amorphous foods.  Journal of the American Dietetic Association 97:295-297.


Playtime with my young son, and when there’s time, reading and pottery.


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